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What's the difference of potato starch and corn starch?

Date:Mar 07, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

In our daily life, we usually used three types starchs, potato starch, corn starch and sweet potato starch. Different starch have different application in food making. Following is the easy introduction of this:

starch applications in food making

Starch wide applications in food making

1. Potato starch:

Potato starch with high stickness, white color, and high transparency. Main used for meat preserving, the preparation of the sauce and the thickening of the dishes. After the meat is starched with potato starch, In the long term preservation and low temperature refrigeration, it can keep water content. Potato starch pasting temperature is lower, can keep food's original taste as much as possiable.

Potato starch

Potato starch

2. Corn starch:

Corn starch is the most applications starch in home food cooking, because corn starch sauce will not change after cooling, different with the potato starch sauce will be thin when the food cool. So in the western-style pastry, usually use the corn starch to make the materials be sticky. And the corn starch price is cheaper, also suitable for bean jelly making.

corn starch

Corn starch

3. Sweet potato starch:

Sweet potato starch is less used in daily cooking, it has strong water absorption, but poor retention, no lustre, the color is deep red a little black. The main ingredients in the hot pot are sweet potato starch, and the silk noodles, vermicellis, sheet jelly made from sweet potato starch powder is also popular.

sweet potato starch

Sweet potato starch

Above all, starch is essential in everyone's daily life, and starch production project is a good efficiency project all over the world. Anyway, we can supply all kinds of starch production line, whether you product potato starch, corn starch, or sweet potato starch, it is no problem for our machine, and we can make the plant of whole starch production project for you as your requests.

starch processing plant

Doing starch production project

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