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What's the benefits of tapioca starch production?

Date:Mar 23, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

The starch content of cassava root is very high, and the protein fat and ash are very few. The root starch content of fresh cassava is 25%~32%, which is the high quality starch processing raw material.

Tapioca stach main features and wide applications:

1. No smell: tapioca starch is no off-smell and its suitable for products with delicate odors, such as food and cosmetics.

2. The taste is insipid: tapioca starch has no flavor and no aftertaste, so it is more suitable for products with refined taste than ordinary starch, such as pudding cake and stuffing.

3. The paste is clear: After cooking, the tapioca starch paste is clear and transparent. It is suitable for the use of color mixing. It is also very important for the application of tapioca starch to high grade paper.

tapioca starch production

Tapioca starch wide applications and large demand

Tapioca starch is in great demand:

At present, only the Chinese market for the demand of tapioca starch is more than 1 million tons, the production was far less than the number. When people food consumption idea changing, tapioca starch international market demand will be more and more higher, Tapioca starch is widely used in food and non-food industry, tapioca raw materials price is low, after processing to starch, the value-added space is large, tapioca starch production looks promising all over the world, espiacally in Nigeria, Ghana, Thailand, which is the tapioca large planting country.

tapioca starch production benefits

DOING tapioca starch production equipment and process

DOING tapioca starch production equipment from the tapioca cleaning, crushing, starch extraction processing, fine filter, concentration and purification, dewatering and drying, the whole process keep automatic, with large capacity, Tapioca from cleaning to the final starch only need 10-15 minutes, effectively avoid the materials pollution. Our tapioca starch production equipment improve the production efficiency and quality of tapioca starch.

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