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Which company's starch hydrocyclone is good ?

Date:Mar 11, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Starch hydrocyclone station main function of starch processing is removing the soluble and insoluble protein fiber sugar in starch milk, then to get high purity and high quality starch milk. It is to say that a good starch hydrocyclone is important for the final starch quality. If you want to find a better starh hydrocyclone, DOING is your first choice.

starch hydrocyclone

Doing Machinery hydrocyclone

Doing Machinery is a professional starch production equipment manufacturer and supplier, and our hydrocyclone is the leader machine to processing starch. Our starch hydrocyclone station is made by high quality stainless steel, surface processing adopted special technical, and the vortex tube is made by wear-resistant nylon, hydrocyclone working stable with reasonable price.

starch hydrocyclone

Starch hydrocyclone under processing

The main features of our hydrocyclone:

1. Sealing processing in starch making, high separation accuracy.

2. Different pipe design in the light of raw materials, compact structure.

3. Pipeline of hydrocyclone group passes computer optimization design. Compact and elegant.

4. Hydrocyclone adopt advanced surface treatment, oil and dirty resistance.

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