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How to produce starch from tapioca?

Date:Aug 19, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

We can produce starch from tapioca by the following production process:cleaning, crushing, screening, concentrating, dehydrating and drying. Considering that automated tapioca starch production methods are more efficient and economical than traditional manual method, here I will mainly introduce how to produce starch from tapioca in automated way based on the needs of most people.

tapioca starch production processTapioca starch production process

①Tapioca cleaning

First, adopt dry sieve to remove the larger impurities on tapioca, such as small rocks and weeds; then adopt paddle washing machine to wash the tapioca completely.

②Tapioca crushing

Adopt cutting machine to crush the cleaned tapioca into chunks and then adopt rasper to crush the chunks into starch pulp. Double crushing way will make a greater crushing degree of tapioca, which is conducive to improving the dissociation rate of bonded starch and the extraction rate of starch.

tapioca cutting machineTapioca cutting machine

③Tapioca slurry screening

Adopt centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve to screen soluble fiber and insoluble fiber out of tapioca slurry.

centrifuge sieveTapioca starch centrifuge sieve

④Tapioca starch concentrating

Adopt hydrocyclone station to remove the protein and cell fluid from the starch emulsion so that tapioca starch can be concentrated, which is an extremely important step to improve the quality of final starch.

Hydrocyclone station

⑤Tapioca starch dehydrating

Adopt peeler centrifuge to dehydrate the starch milk into the wet starch powder with about 40% moisture.

⑥Tapioca starch drying

Adopt the flash dryer to dry the wet tapioca starch into finished tapioca starch with uniform moisture instantly.

That's how to starch from tapioca. If you also want to invest the profitable tapioca starch processing business and need to purchase the tapioca starch processing machine mentioned above, welcome to contact Jinrui or have a factory visiting. Our machine has the advantages of high starch extraction rate, good product quality, energy saving, stable running. Free quote for you!


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