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What is Garri used for?

Date:May 10, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

As we known, Garri is a kind of popular food in Africa. It is widely regarded as staple in Africa. Garri is the powdery food material flour made from the cassava tubers, which is changed into dry edible granules in the process of manufacture- grinded and dry. Do you know what is garri used for? Today, Let’s talk more information about it.

 what is garri used forWhat  is garri used for

Garri is needed to ferment before drying, which gives people pleasant sour flavor. Garri can roughly be categorized into rough and smooth etc. Each type is used for a different food. Which type does garri used for? Let me tell you the details.

In general, rough garri is instant food. You don’t need to process and cook it again. You can eat it directly with sugar and roasted peanut added. Moreover, you can add some cold water, or choose to add something like sugar or honey, and sometimes add roasted peanuts or evaporated milk etc to mix it together in order to enrich it’s flavor.

There also will be smooth garri, which can be mixed with some ingredients. You just need to add a small amount of warm water , then mix with it to to soften it up. This type of garri is usually served with fried products. Garri is usually deeply processed by adding hot water, then making it into dough to make pancakes or bread for a meal. It is also a best way to serve with different varieties of dishes. In most gari recipes, it is also cooked by adding boiling water and stirring to make a porridge in order to increase the viscosity of food .

Garri was generally made at home, but now it becomes more commercially with the increased consumption.

The machine of producing GarriThe machine of producing Garri

In short, garri is as much a staple food in Africa as wheat is in China. So if you want to do garri , you might use the equipment that makes garri. Henan Doing company mainly produces garri equipment. If you have any need in this aspect, please contact us. We can provide more garri information for you professionally.


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