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Cassava flour milling process

  • Introduction

Cassava flour is in the form of powder. Unlike cassava starch, cassava flour milling process is the processing of all cassava roots, retaining the nutrient content of cassava, therefore its nutrition is more comprehensive than cassava starch. It is mainly used for daily eating.

cassava flour milling plantCassava flour milling machine

Crafting process:

The cassava flour milling process of Doing Machinery can be roughly divided into several sections: washing, crushing, dehydrating, drying and packaging. The entire production process can be automated by connecting the various sections.


It is the key link in the cassava flour milling process. It is more important than the processing of cassava starch. Because there is no filtration section in the following step for processing of cassava flour, if there is sand, soil and other impurities, it will directly affect the quality of the cassava flour, resulting in high impurity content. Under normal circumstances, cassava cleaning should be combined with multiple devices to achieve better results.

cassava flour milling machineCassava washing machine


The comminution of cassava is not the same as that of ordinary cassava starch processing. When pulverizing, it is necessary to add little or no water, and the fineness requirement is relatively higher in cassava flour milling process. The pulverized material is generally not filtered to prevent loss of nutrients. In order to ensure the color during pulverization, an oxidation prevention treatment can be performed.


In order to dry the cassava flour powder, the pulverized slurry is further dehydrated in cassava flour milling process. The dewatering machine has various options. The small-scale plant can choose hydraylic presss, and the large one can use a special plate frame filter press to reduce the water in the material, thus to improve drying efficiency and quality.

cassava flour milling machineCassava flour milling machine


The drying of cassava flour is basically similar to the drying of cassava starch, but the process parameters are different. You can still use the airflow dryer to combine the high-temperature gas and the wet flour to quickly remove the moisture from the wet powder, thus obtain dry cassava flour. The dried materials are sieved again to achieve the specified fineness in cassava flour milling process. The finished cassava flour can be directly packaged, and it can be pulverized again if it does not meet the requirements.

cassava flour milling machineCassava flour drying machine


This is the last step of cassava flour milling process. The dried finished materials are packaged according to the different requirements of customers and can be sold on the market.

All in all, the above is the description of cassava flour milling process. As is a professional cassava deep processing machinery supplier, cassava flour processing equipment developed by Doing Machinery is currently widely used in the international market. Welcome to consulte DOING engineer for cassava flour milling process.

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