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Cassava flour production equipment

  • Introduction

The cassava flour production equipment play an indispensable role in improving the economic value of cassava, especially compared with the previous cassava processing products, the newly designed cassava flour production equipment produced by Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Company now greatly improve the efficiency and value in process of cassava.


Cassava flour production equipment in the process of completely automatic will involve in 5 main sections, on the following is the detailed introduction of paddle washing machine, rasping machine, dewatering machine and drying machine.

The first is the washing section. In order to ensure the quality and whiteness of the finished product, the first step is to clean the cassava and remove the mud and dust from the surface to assure subsequent processing standards and clean water savings with paddle washing machine. This cassava flour production equipment plays a key role in the cassava flour processing plant for it faciliate the subsequent steps.

Cassava flour production equipmentCassava washing equipment

The second is the rasping section. The rasping machine is employed to crushing cassava and potato materials, and it is mostly used in the processing of cassava flour and starch.

This cassava flour production equipment absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with the actual experience of production and development, the file is resistant to wear and has a long service life; double boring tool structure, high crushing efficiency, lower energy consumption; maintenance convenient and fast; unique screen clamping device, easy to operate.

Cassava flour production equipmentRasping equipment

The principal working part of this cassava flour production equipment is the drum. A wedge groove is established on the cylindrical surface thereof, and a saw blade is arranged on one side of the wedge. The roller rotates at a high speed, and the wedge bar is outwardly bent by the centrifugal force, and is cut out together with the cutting saw blade in the wedge groove. Drum shaft of the rasping machine is mounted on two bearing that are fixed to the frame.

cassava flour production equipmentPlate and frame filter press

The third is dewatering section. The dewatering process usually adopts the plate and frame filter press. This cassava flour production equipment has many advantages. For example, adaptability of the suspension material are wide, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the filtration pressure is high, and the filter cake has a high solid content. The filter area can be chosen according to requirements. The processing capacity can be large or small, the operation is stable, the unit filter area is small, the rotating parts are small, the equipment failure rate is low, and the maintenance is convenient, so it is widely used in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, fermentation, environmental protection and other industries. The filter cloth is an important aspect of the cassava flour production equipment.

cassava flour production equipmentCassava flour drying equipment

The fourth is drying section. Dehydrated flour cake is conveyed to the feed port of the airflow dryer through a conveyor belt and enters the lifter through the feeder. The heat source of the airflow dryer is a steam heat exchanger. The wet material is maintained by hot air and the water is evaporated. After drying in cassava flour production line, the starch is kept separate from the air in a cyclone. The whole system of the cassava flour production equipment adopts automatic control, and automatically adjusts the feeding amount and air intake amount of the whole drying system through predicting the incoming moisture or air temperature, so as to guarantee the moisture stability of cassava flour.

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