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Cassava starch air flow drying machine

Date:Apr 25, 2019/ Enterprise news/ Chat online
Product name: cassava starch air flow drying machine

Working process of cassava starch drying machine:

The hot air of the airflow dryer enters the dryer and quickly impacts the material and mixes with the material in an instant to maximize the contact area between the fluidization and the air to rapidly evaporate the water. The gas-solid phase is dedusted and separated to obtain the product. Pulsed airflow drying is based on the addition of a thicker buffer tube to the straight tube airflow dryer to increase the relative motion of the gas-solid two phases and thereby increase the drying rate. It is suitable for the drying of filter cake materials with little or no viscosity. Generally, it needs mechanical dehydration before drying.

cassava starch drying machineCassava starch drying machine

Features of cassava starch drying machine:

1. The dryer has high drying intensity, high airflow velocity, good dispersion of particles in the gas phase, and greatly increased effective drying area

2. High thermal efficiency, cassava starch drying machine adopts gas and solid phase flow parallel operation. In the surface gasification stage, the material is always in the wet temperature of the gas it is connected to, generally not exceeding 60~65 °C. At the end of the drying period, the temperature of the material has been greatly reduced, and the product temperature will not exceed 70~90. °C, thus ensures the products quality.

3. DOING cassava starch drying machine ccupying less manpower and plant area, it is widely used for starch drying industryand is an ideal modern equipment.

4. This cassava starch drying machine can combine drying, crushing, screening, conveying and other units of into a joint operation, not only simplify the process, and easy to automatic control operation process.

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