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Techniques for isolation of starch from potato

Date:Jul 19, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

International market demanding analysis: isolation of starch from potato is an important variety of potato deep processing and widely used in the worldwide. At present, the demand for potato starch is huge in foreign countries. Taking India as an example, its potential demand is more than 1 million tons. But the existing output is far from meeting this demand.

One of the driving factors for increasing isolation of starch from potato demand is the rise of the industrial starch market in the Asia Pacific region, especially in China and India.

potato starch extraction machine

Potato starch isolation process

The demand of the isolation of starch from potato is increasing. Five steps are included in the isolation of starch from potato plant.

Step 1 Cleaning and washing

Dry sieve can effectively remove dirt, sand and small stones, it has the ability to avoid sewage disposal. According to multiple spiral operation, paddle washing machine can remove silts and impurities from the surface of potato. You are free to choose whether or not you need these machines in the plant of isolation of starch from potato because cleaning and washing can be done manually.

Step 2 Crushing section

Rasping machine can improve the crushing and extraction rate.

Step 3 Screening

Centrifuge sieve is mainly used to separate the fiber and starch slurry. The sieve basket is made of titanium plate, with laser punching processing. In the plant of isolation of starch from potato, the machine is necessary for the high quality final product.

potato starch making machine

Complete potato starch making process

Step 4 Concentrating

Hydro cyclone station is able to remove fiber, protein and cell to further process starch milk.

Vacuum filter is a solid-liquid separation machine which is formed by vacuum pressure and vacuum filtration.

Step 5 Drying section, the flash dryer(click the link to see the video) not only applies to various kinds of potato starch drying, but also for corn and wheat starch drying.

According to the "Global Industrial Starch Market Forecast in 2022" report, the global industrial starch market is expected to reach 113.9 metric tons and $106 billion 640 million in 2022, so the plant of isolation of starch from potato is facing many opportunities.

potato starch production equipment

Doing Company potato starch production line

The transfer of the industry of isolation of starch from potato to the developing countries has become an inevitable choice. The advantage of potato starch products to the human body is that other products are hard to have. Such as the decrease of fat, the enhancement of texture and taste, the elimination of gluten, and so on. Potato starch contains no gluten, which is very beneficial to gluten intolerance or wheat sensitive. It also helps reduce plasma cholesterol, while increasing satiety, and even helps the body reduce fat storage.

Doing company independently designed and produced a complete set of potato starch equipment, based on the development status of China's starch industry, summarized and absorbed advanced processing technology in Europe, and continued to break through innovation with strong R & D and operation strength. After many years of improvement, it has independently developed the advanced mechanized production of  isolation of starch from potato in the country. It can meet the technical requirements of high efficiency and low consumption.

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