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Percentage of starch in a potato

Date:Jul 09, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

Percentage of starch in a potato is 9~20%.

Generally the fresh potato ingredients: Starch: 9-20%, Protein: 0.5-2.3%, Fat: 0.1-1.1%, Crude fiber: 0.6-0.8%.

Each 100g potato nutrients: Energy: 318KJ, Calcium: 5-8mg, Phosphorus: 15-40mg, Iron: 0.4-0.8mg, Potassium: 200-340mg, Iodine: 0.8-1.2, Carotene: 12-30mg, etc.

Potato tubers contain large amounts of starch. Starch is the main source of energy for edible potatoes. Generally, early-maturing potatoes contain 11%-14% of starch, mid-late varieties contain 14%- 20% of starch, and high-starch varieties have more than 25% of tubers. Tubers also contain glucose, fructose and sucrose.

potato starch production process

Potato starch manufacturing process

The main potato producers are China, Russia, India, Ukraine, and the United States. China is the country with the largest total potato production in the world. The potato starch manufacturing process is basically the same as the sweet potato starch production process, but the industrial production of potato starch is simpler than manual production. It is mainly organized by washing, grinding, sieving, separating proteins, washing, dehydrating and drying of raw materials. The main difference between the conventional production method and the modern production method is that the latter uses a disc centrifuge or a hydrocyclone to replace the launder to separate impurities, so that the operation can be automated and continuously processed for larger scale production, also can get higher quality potato starch products. Potato starch is widely used in textile, petroleum exploitation, feed and food industries, especially in the international and domestic food markets, so that the demand for high-precision potato starch has soared. In addition, potato starch has the irreplaceable natural properties of other starches, making it domestic. The preferred product in the outer starch deep processing industry has a broad market and promising market prospects.

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