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Using automated potato starch processing equipment for starch production is a trend

Date:Apr 08, 2019/ Industry news/ Chat online

Starch processing has a long history in China, and it is often processed with fresh potatoes and dried potato chips. The traditional processing method mainly adopts cleaning, pulverization, separation, and then sedimentation, powdering and drying. The whole production process has a long processing cycle. Generally, the first cycle (before completing the first precipitation) takes 8-12 hours. The second and third precipitations are then carried out and the operation is repeated until the precipitate (potato starch) appears to be relatively clean. In some places, the acid slurry method will be selected for potato processing. Without professional potato starch processing equipment, the whole process will take 2-3 days. Not only the working hours are long, but also the manual operation method and the unsanitary processing environment make the quality of the starch not guaranteed and cannot adapt to the market demand.

potato starch processing equipmentTranditional potato starch processing

From the perspective of the whole potato starch processing market in China, the vast majority are mainly simple small-scale processing, the quality of potato starch produced is inferior, the market demand is relatively surplus, and the high-quality potato starch is in strong demand. Throughout the development trend of China's starch processing industry, traditional small and medium-sized potato starch processing equipment needs to keep up with the trend of the times, upgrade new equipment, improve the quality of starch products, and therefore produce good economic benefits.

At this stage, due to the concentration of harvest season, short processing time, large volume, and planting areas mostly in hills and mountainous areas,transportation is inconvenient, so it is still necessary to focus on small and medium-sized processing, and potato starch processing equipment investment is not too large. Dispersion processing, centralized refining method is a better choice for small and medium-sized potato starch processing plant.

potato starch processing equipmentManual grating & equipment grating

To improve the quality of starch, considering from the potato starch processing process, it is necessary to introduce the following potato starch processing equipment: that is potato grating machine, starch refining system and vacuum dehydrator. The grinding machine can completely and finely crush the potatoes, which not only improves the starch extraction rate, but also increases the starch yield, and also greatly saves the processing time, so that the extraction rate of the starch is better realized. The starch refining system hydrocyclone station) can replace the sedimentation tank and the acid slurry method. The contact between potato starch processing equipment and the starch slurry is made of stainless steel to ensure that the starch slurry does not receive external environmental pollution, and can effectively remove the fiber impurities in the starch slurry, and meanwhile it can achieve the function of washing, concentrating and recycling of the starch slurry. The vacuum filter can directly dehydrate the refined starch slurry, thereby improving the starch processing efficiency, and it featured with high dehydration efficiency. Where conditions permit, airflow dryers can also be introduced to complete the entire process in minutes. Such a configuration of these potato starch processing equipment can not only greatly improve the quality of the starch, but also greatly improve the processing efficiency and the starch extraction rate, and can complete a large processing amount in a short time.

potato starch processing equipmentHydrocyclone starch refining system

In summary, with the advent of the era of mechanization and intelligent potato starch processing, the traditional backward processing methods will gradually withdraw from the stage. At that time, China's potato starch processing industry will combine the strength of science and technology to produce high-end automated machinery and equipment, and the quality of starch will be improved as a whole. And the application of this kind of potato starch processing equipment in China has made the automatic production process of starch production and processing in China, and the fully automated operation mode has also reduced the labor input of customers. Therefore, the use of this potato starch processing equipment will undoubtedly improve the production process level of related industries in China. For customers, the choice of potato starch processing equipment can also improve the ability of their own starch production, so that the processing and utilization of starch materials in China is more reliable and the processing technology is more precise. Henan Doing is professional starch processing equipment manufacturer in China, for any more information about modern automatic potato starch processing equipment, your consultation in welcomed.

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