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2tons per hour potato starch making machine were successfully delivered to Heilongjiang

Date:Aug 24, 2022/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

Good news! On August 20, 2022, 2 tons per hour potato starch making machine was successfully delivered to Heilongjiang from Henan Jinrui Company.

Potato starch making machine is mainly suitable for efficiently making potato starch. The potato starch making machine has the advantages of a high starch extraction rate, European processing technology, and a high degree of automation. Potato starch makes frees up labor and increases productivity.

potato starch processing machine potato starch making machine 2 tons per hour potato starch making machine was packed and delivered

At present, the potato starch making machine ordered by the customer is in transit. After about a week, the customer will receive the machine and be instructed by Henan Jinrui's engineers to install it and put it into operation.

If you are also interested in our potato starch making machine, please feel free to consult us for professional solutions and machine customization services.


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