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Sweet potato production technology in Pakistan

Date:Mar 25, 2019/ Industry news/ Chat online

Pakistan is located in the subtropical zone and has a large food production. Sweet potato is also an important crop in Pakistan, which brings high yields and high returns to farmers. Sweet potato has a high nutritional value and provides more protein and iron than other vegetables in the daily diet. However, with the development of society, a single edible sweet potato can no longer meet people's demand for food diversity. Therefore, sweet potato production technology in Pakistan has become a trend, and the starch obtained from sweet potato processing has become one of the indispensable foods in people's daily life.

sweet potato production technology in PakistanSweet potato & sweet potato starch

The principle of sweet potato production technology in Pakistan

The chemical composition of sweet potato mainly includes water, starch, protein, fat, fiber, ash, etc. The preparation of the sweet potato starch is the physical separation by using the starch insoluble in cold water, the specific gravity is greater than water and the specific gravity is different from other components.

Traditional sweet potato production technology in Pakistan using sedimentation tank production, here are the operation points

(1) Selection and cleaning of raw materials. Select sweet potato without pests and diseases, remove the fibrous roots, and wash the impurities such as sediment on the surface of sweet potato with water.

(2) Crushing. First break sweet potato into small pieces of 2cm size, and then further grind them. The finer the better, forming the sweet potato slurry like porridge.

sweet potato production technology in pakistanTraditional sweet potato production technology in Pakistan

(3) Filtration. Sweet potato slurry is slowly poured into a 60-mesh sieve for filtration for sweet potato production technology in Pakistan, and water is continuously rinsed, and then the sieved slurry is subjected to a secondary filtration through a 120-mesh fine sieve (if a high quality starch is required, a finer sieve can be used). The starch milk after two filtrations enters the sedimentation tank, and the coarse and fine sweet potato residue remaining on the sieve can be used as feed.

(4) Precipitation. The starch emulsion naturally precipitates after entering the sedimentation tank in sweet potato production technology in Pakistan. Generally, it takes 8 to 10 hours at a temperature of 15 to 20 ° C, and the precipitation time is correspondingly shortened when the temperature is high. After the precipitation is completed, the upper brown aqueous solution is withdrawn (partially retained), and the starch surface is washed 2 to 3 times.

(5) Fermentation. The starch is removed and crushed, and the retained brown aqueous solution is added. The addition amount is 25-30 kg of water per 50 kg, and the starch milk is thoroughly mixed and fermented at a temperature of 15 to 20 ° C for about 24 hours. The fermentation is completed when it smells sour, the surface brownish aqueous solution turns blue-white, and a small amount of foam is produced for sweet potato production technology in Pakistan.

sweet potato production technology in pakistanAutomatic sweet potato production technology in pakistan

(6) Dewatering. After the fermentation is completed, the upper aqueous solution (also known as physalis, which can be used as the next fermentation instead of the brown aqueous solution, can shorten the fermentation time and improve the fermentation quality), and then remove a small amount of brown powder on the surface of the starch, and finally get the starch. When picking up the starch, pay attention to the small amount of sediment deposited on the bottom layer to be cleaned for sweet potato production technology in Pakistan.

(7) Drying. After the starch is taken out, the excess water is filtered by a sling, and then dried to 14% water content by sun, and then sieved and pulverized, all formed into starch, which is the finished starch.

(8) Packing. For the final step of sweet potato production technology in Pakistan, the starch is sent to the packaging room for packaging. According to the market requirements, the starch is packaged into 2.5 kg or 5 kg. The color of the finished product is required to be consistent and white, and there are no foreign objects or black spots.

sweet potato production technology in pakistanHydrocyclone system

With the development of industrialization, mechanized automatic sweet potato production technology in Pakistan has gradually replaced traditional manual production. Especially the precipitation and drying stages.

The traditional sedimentation tank of sweet potato production technology in Pakistan not only takes a long time, but also the starch is easily contaminated by the outside. Therefore, the closed-type fully automatic hydrocyclone system is a good substitute for starch refining. The hydrocyclone plays a role in separating the starch milk protein and fine fiber in the process; at the same time, it plays a great role in washing and concentrating the starch milk. Compared with the traditional starch production process, it has the characteristics of closed production, stable production, rapid separation, high efficiency and energy saving, and reduced sewage. The cyclone is divided into a shell, a swirl tube, a pipe, a pressure gauge, a starch pump, etc., and has the characteristics of convenient maintenance, simple operation, and no noise.

sweet potato production technology in pakistanAirflow flash dryer

Traditional drying of sweet potato production technology in Pakistan adopts the method of sun drying, but the drying process is greatly affected by atmospheric factors, the professional starch factory should adopt the professional starch air drying machine. The machine adopts a new self-control drying process, closed production, is not affected by natural conditions such as weather and climate, so that the starch is protected from secondary environmental pollution, greatly improving product hygiene standards, which is low processing cost, low energy consumption and high efficiency. Moreover, the floor space is small, the drying field is greatly saved, and the operation is convenient. Using the instant drying technology, the drying process can be completed in only a few seconds, the internal quality, appearance quality is good, the yield is high, and the moisture content of the starch after drying is less than 14%.

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