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Overview of sweet potato starch industry in China

Date:Feb 19, 2019/ Industry news/ Chat online

Sweet potato is widely planted in more than 100 countries around the world. Sweet potato starch industry in China is mainnly used as raw material of food, feed and new energy sources. It is rated as the healthiest vegetable by World Health Organization. Meanwhile, because sweet potato has strong resilience, drought tolerance, it can be planted not only in hilly areas, but also in good yield. Therefore, sweet potato is one of the preferred crops for poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken mountainous areas of China.

sweet potatoSweet potato

I. The status of sweet potato starch industry in China

Since the early 1980s, with the development of township enterprises and the acceleration of modern industrial and agricultural construction, sweet potato starch industry in China has gradually changed from the original traditional family workshop to the large and medium-sized sweet potato starch processing plants. Gradually, there are snack food processing enterprises that use sweet potato starch as raw material. After 2000, sweet potato starch processing enterprises entered a stage of rapid development and entered the stage of transformation and upgrading in 2010.

The process of industrialization of sweet potato starch industry in China is accelerating, and the sweet potato industry is playing an important role in increasing farmers' income and increasing agricultural efficiency. The rapid development of social economy and scientific and technological progress have greatly changed the processing methods, management methods, consumption structure and market structure of sweet potato starch industry in China. China's sweet potato industry, whether it is planting or starch processing, its concentration is increasing, the sweet potato industry has become an important pillar industry in the countryside, sweet potato processing industry should also abandon the traditional processing of backward technology, pollution, inefficient energy consumption ways to move towards high efficient, intensive, and ecological modern agricultural products processing.

sweet potato starch processing plantSweet potato starch processing plant

2. Prospects for the development of sweet potato starch industry in China

Sweet potato is an asexually propagated root crop, which can be used as a chemical raw material in addition to food and feed. Sweet potato starch industry in China has a wide range of uses in the edible, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy utilization industries, and is an important industrial raw material. Sweet potato starch has high viscosity characteristics. It is an ideal edible fan, noodles raw material, and the transparency and taste of food made by fans. It is loved by Chinese people in China and even Southeast Asia and around the world. It has a deep and extensive food culture foundation. The domestic and international market demand is huge. In the future, the market demand for Chinese potato starch will increase by more than 10%, and it has a very considerable market demand.

3. Development status of sweet potato starch processing pant

At present, sweet potato starch industry in China is still coexisting in a variety of production methods, mainly home-worker-style, semi-mechanized small and medium-sized processing plants and large-scale automatic assembly line processing plants. The processing plants operated by family workshops, small-scale family enterprises and sweet potato professional cooperatives, which are rooted in thousands of households in rural areas, account for a large proportion, which determines the scale and intensification of sweet potato starch industry in China to a certain extent. In the development of sweet potato processing industry for more than 30 years, a large number of traditional backward family workshops, small businesses have been eliminated, or replaced by advanced large and medium-sized enterprises. At present, due to factors such as increased costs, overcapacity, and slow investment, the growth rate of new sweet potato starch processing plant has slowed down remarkably, and existing enterprises have accelerated the pace of processing equipment and technological transformation and upgrading.

sweet potato starch porcessing plantSweet potato starch porcessing plant

4. Development trend of sweet potato starch processing plant

In recent years, sweet potato starch processing has become a major investment hotspot in sweet potato planting areas. It can produce 45 tons of sweet potato per hectare of potato field, and can process about 9 tons of starch. The direct output value is about 72,000 yuan, and its benefits are significantly higher than other food crops planting processing income.

5. Sweet potato starch equipment development trend

With the development and promotion of new sweet potato starch equipment , the sweet potato industry technology system innovation ability and technical service capacity continue to increase, sweet potato starch industry in China from purely manual processing to semi-mechanized, full-mechanized assembly line processing mode. At present, China's sweet potato starch and starch products industry has cultivated a number of large-scale leading enterprises with industrialization and scale. The annual processing capacity of fresh potatoes is at least 100,000 tons, and the annual output of sweet potato starch is at least 20,000 tons.

sweet potato starch machineSweet potato starch machine

The modern sweet potato starch processing plant of sweet potato starch industry in China has advanced equipment and overall supporting. The production process has realized the whole process of automatic control, and the production efficiency and product quality have been greatly improved. Compared with traditional starch processing, modern mechanical starch processing is more efficient and convenient, and has obvious production advantages. And it is conducive to enhancing brand influence and improving the competitiveness of the enterprise market. Doing Company is the leader of China's sweet potato starch machine. It can provide you with automatic and modern sweet potato starch equipment of large, medium and small-sized based on requirements, and we will design a sweet potato starch processing plant project suitable for you.

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