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What is the use of potato starch?

Date:Aug 16, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

Potato starch is widely used in textile, petroleum, feed and food industries. In particular, the development of international and domestic food markets has greatly increased the demand for high-precision potato starch. In addition, potato starch has the irreplaceable natural properties of other starches, making it the first choice for starch deep processing industry at home and abroad, with broad sales and promising market prospects. Then we will explain the question what is the use of potato starch in detail.

potato &potato starch

Potato& potato starch

The following is the new application of potato starch for what is the use of potato starch

First, the preferred choice of meat products

After adding starch to the meat emulsion product, it has obvious effects on improving the water retention property and the tissue state of the product. This is caused by gelatinization of the starch during heating. Fresh meat contains 72%-80% water, and the rest of the solid matter is mostly protein. When the meat product is heated, the protein promotes the ability to bind moisture due to denaturation, and the starch can absorb this part of the water, gelatinize and form a stable structure. Compared with other starches, the potato modified starch has a low gelatinization temperature, and the protein denaturation and starch gelatinization in the product are almost simultaneously performed, and no small "water sugar" is formed inside.

potato starch uses

Potato starch for meat products

The modified starch of potato has high swelling degree and strong water absorption capacity. During the heating process, the meat protein is denatured by heat to form a network structure. Due to the lack of moisture in the mesh, the starch particles are absorbed and fixed. The starch granules become soft and elastic, playing the dual role of adhesion and water retention. The meat product of potato modified starch is added, the tissue is even and delicate, the structure is compact, the elasticity is flexible, the cut surface is smooth, the taste is tender and palatable, and the water retention is strong when stored for a long time and at low temperature.


Second, the excellent thickener of the sauce

As a good thickener, modified starch is widely used in sauces. The use of potato starch can reduce the production cost. At the same time, because the quality of the sauce is stable, it can be stored for a long time without delamination. Glossy and delicate on the palate.

Sauce products contain high salt content, so the pH value changes greatly. generally it need to be sterilized by high temperature, accompanied by moderate to intense stirring or homogenization, In view of the requirements of various sauces in the state of tissue, acidity, emulsification effect, etc are different, the selection and use of modified starch is especially important.

potato starch usage

Potato starch for sauce

Potato modified starch has a low gelatinization temperature, which can reduce the nutrient and flavor loss caused by high temperature. The odor is mild and does not affect the original flavor of the product; the transparency is high, and the sauce can be given a good appearance and the selected small granule products can be provided with smooth surface. At the same time, the potato modified starch has good anti-aging, anti-shear, high temperature resistance and low pH value, which can effectively prevent the sedimentation and dehydration of the sauce product, and can increase the emulsification effect to a certain extent. In sauce products, potato modified starch can be used not only as a thickener, but also for the specific tissue structure and taste of the product. Special potato modified starch can also be used to improve the rheology of soy sauce to enhance the adhesion and wall feel of the sauce.

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