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Wheat starch and gluten manufacturing

Date:Nov 02, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

wheat starch and gluten manufacturing

Drying machine wheat starch

Wheat Starch and gluten manufacturing is a wet process . One kind wheat starch and gluten manufacturing process called Martin process.

Martin process of wheat starch and gluten manufacturing  involves  mixing flour  and water  to make a developed dough .  The dough is then washed in a variety of mixing troughs with  large amounts of water to get purified gluten and diluted starch milk , which is then concentrated and separated into A and B starch .

Another principal difficulty with wheat starch and gluten manufacturing lies in separating the two because each has very different physical properties. Gluten is awkward to extract from a parent flour because of its rubbery stickiness.

A major factor in any decision to build a wheat starch and gluten  manufacturing factory is the market for its products. Such a factory manufactures five main products: "A" (or primary) starch, gluten, "B" (or secondary) starch, solubles and  bran . The market must be able to support competitively the profitable disappearance of these goods.

The uses of "A" starch are found foremost in the fine paper and food industries, where low protein maize starch and farina (potato starch) compete. Modified starches can also be derived for either industry.  In the fine paper industry, "A" starch is used for sizing. "A" starch also is incorporated in many varieties of food and is used as a feedstock for ethanol production and conversion into glucose syrups. In some countries, "A" starch is sold in wet or slurry form and transported in tankers. This cuts out the need for drying to a powder. Gluten today is sold as a powder, although in the past it was common to trade it in wet form in some countries. "B" starch is marketed in the adhesive and corrugated paper industries, as well as for food. Solubles are marketed in syrup form for ruminants.

wheat starch and gluten making machine

Wheat starch and gluten making machine

The input for a wheat starch and gluten  manufacturing factory is wheat  flour. The nature of the particular wheat flour will vary from location to location depending on wheat variety, quality, price and availability.

Typical yields from a wheat starch process will be between 50% and 54% of "A" starch at less than 0.4% protein, 8% to 12% of gluten at 75% protein, 6% to 10% of "B" starch at less than 1.2% protein and 14% to 20% solubles at up to 4% protein, all expressed on a dry basis. But yields can vary considerably from these examples.

Remember that wheat starch extraction is some five times greater than gluten in wheat starch and gluten  manufacturing factory — even though the revenues are roughly equal — and the personnel skills needed are very different from flour milling in certain respects.

All in all, wheat starch and gluten  manufacturing is an exciting and fascinating business.Weclome to contact us if you are interested in wheat starch and gluten manufacturing.

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