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Cassava starch production plant

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Cassava starch production plant production process flow is mainly has 8 steps. The detail flow chart of cassava starch production plant production process is as below:

Fresh cassava ------ Conveying -------- Removing impurities and washing -------- cutting and crushing --------Separation of fiber and pulp --------- Fine preparation of starch milk and desanding ---------- Starch pulp concentration and purification--------- Dehydration and drying of wet starch ---------- Cooling, Screening, weighing and packing--------- Final product Cassava Starch for sale

cassava starch production plantCassava starch production machine

Raw cassava conveying: Using forklift truck to transport cassava from storage yard into cassava cleaning machine.

Removing impurities and washing: Cassava starch production plant adopts dry sieve and paddle washing machine for cassava cleaning and washing, mainly removing outer layer debris and attached mud,dirt and other impurities.

Cutting and crushing: Firstly cut cassava into small pieces to faciliate crushing and meanwhile reduce crushing machine burden, then fully crush cassava to release starch at the greatest extent. Crushing rate is releated to starch yield in cassava starch production plant.

Separation of fiber and pulp: To separate fiber impurities in starch pulp, thus improve starch purity in cassava starch production plant.

cassava starch production plantCassava starch production plant

Fine preparation of starch milk and desanding: Further removing fine fibers in starch pulp and meanwhile extract starch in fiber slag. Cassava starch production plant also requires a desander for sand removal, thereof improve starch taste and quality.

Starch pulp concentration and purification: To separate insoluble protein and residual soluble protein and other impurities from starch pulp, so as to achieve the purpose of washing, refining and concentrating of starch pulp.

Dehydration and drying of wet starch: Using peeler centrifuge to reduce water content of starch milk to 38% before drying, and then cassava starch production plant using starch flash dryer to further decrease moisture content to 14% to meet standards.

Cooling, screening, weighing and packing: Attached to flash dryer is a specially designed cooling system which is used for guarantee the moisture uniformity of final cassava starch.Then a cassava starch sieving machine is used in cassava starch production plant to screen out large starch granules to obtain fine starch. Finally, cassava starch is weighted and packed for storage.

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