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Potato starch making machinery

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Potato starch can be used as thickening agent. It is widely used in meat products and sauce making. So potato starch has a wide application and it has a promising market. Potato starch making process is complicated and the potato starch making machinery is very important and necessary. Potato starch making machinery mainly includes dry sieve, rotary washing machine, potato rasping machine, centrifuge machine, fine fiber machine, hydrocyclone machine, starch vacuum dehydrating machine, starch flash dryer, starch sieving machine, starch packing machine.

potato cleaning machine

Potato cleaning machine

Procedure 1: potato cleaning and washing machinery

Dry sieve: It is used to remove the peels and some surface impurities of potato. The machine rotates its spirals with stable speed, so it can reduce the damage of raw material.

Rotary washing machine: After cleaning, rotary washing machine will washing the potato. The two machine of potato starch making machinery are the foundation to guarantee the high-quality potato starch. The cleaner the potato is, the better the potato starch is.

potato crushing machine

Potato crushing machine-rasper

Procedure 2: potato crushing

Potato rasping machine: The machine can rasp potato into a kind of mush with high efficiency. The purpose of this step is to break the inner organization of potato, so as to separate the smaller starch out of potato. And the machine also can separate more combined starch.

Procedure 3: potato starch extraction

Centrifuge sieve: The machine can extract potato starch. the step is a key part in potato starch making machinery. The machine remove some fiber out of starch slurry.

Fine fiber sieve: The machine remove some small fiber which can not be separated by centrifuge sieve. After this machine, potato starch will become more purer. The machine has front and back washing system.

centrifugal sieve

Centrifugal sieve

Procedure 4: potato starch washing

Hydrocyclone unit: The starch washing machine of potato starch making machinery has full hydrocyclone system which includes concentrating, recovering and washing. The machine is automatic. The starch slurry goes through the concentrated hydrocyclone, while the bottom flow flows into washing and refining hydrocyclone, and this final starch slurry will meet the quality requirements.

Procedure 5: potato starch dehydrating

Starch vacuum dehydrating machine: The machine can realize  feeding, dehydrating, and washing with high automation. The machine is equipped with automatic reciprocating paddle stirrer to prevent starch deposition and it is equipped with adjustable level control. Besides, the machine has high dewatering rate, so it is a good choice for choosing potato starch making machinery.

potato starch dewater machine

Vacuum filter for potato starch dehydrating

Procedure 6: potato starch drying

Starch flash dryer: The dryer adopts negative and cooling system, so it can guarantee drying potato starch in a short time. The machine not only is used in starch processing line, but is applied in cassava flour processing line. The machine is a large size machine in potato starch making machinery.

Procedure 7: starch sieving and packing

Starch sieving machine: In order to guarantee the fineness and the quality of potato starch, the starch must be sieved by starch sieving machine.

Starch packing machine: The last machine of potato starch making machinery is automatic packing machine. The machine can help save a lot of time and labor.

In short, these are potato starch making machinery, which are produced by Henan Doing Mechanical Company combined with advanced technology.

potato starch making machine

Potato starch making machinery manufacturered by DOING

Technology Advantage of potato starch processing:

1. High efficiency, high yield starch, high product quality

2. Operational Simplicity

3. Minimum of water and power consumption

4. Good performance, high efficiency

5. Stainless steel construction

6. High level machining, equipment manufacturing excellence

7. Reliable, durable

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