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Sweet potato starch plant

Date:Oct 17, 2018/ Starch production line/ Chat online

Process description of sweet potato starch plant:

(1). Sweet potato transportation, (2). De-stoning, (3). Washing , (4). Crushing, (5). Fiber extraction, (6). Fine fiber sieving (7). De-sanding, (8). Concentration and refining, (9). Dewatering, (10). Starch drying,  (11). Starch packing and stocking.

Detail introduction of sweet potato starch production:

Sweet potato transportation: Newly harvested sweet potato is firstly transported into sweet potato starch plant by truck. Pile up sweet potato in clean storage yard waiting for processing.

sweet potato starch plantSweet potato starch plant

De-stoning: When processing starts, raw material is transported by conveyor, and the sweet potato is transported from the yard to the cleaning machine. In this section in sweet potato starch plant, the stone, sand, leaves and other debris of sweet potato are removed.

Washing: Rotary type washing machine is adopted for sweet potato washing in sweet potato starch plant, for comparing with cassava, it is more suitable for sweet potato to be washed by rotary washing machine. Features with reasonable feeding method and countercurrent washing principle, the damage of this machine to raw material is lower than 1%.

Crushing: Crushing is one of the most important processes in sweet potato starch plant, which is related to the starch yield and starch quality. The requirements of crushing is: Break the cells of sweet potato as much as possible to release more free starch particles to get higher starch yield.

sweet potato starch machineSweet potato crushing machine

Fiber extraction: After crushing, starch slurry enters into centrifuge sieve for fiber removal. Multi-stage centrifugal process are adopted in sweet potato starch plant for better separation effect. The sieve basket is made of titanium plate and contact material parts are made of stainless steel.

Fine fiber sieving: In sweet potato starch plant, fine fiber sieve is used for removing fine fibers from starch slurry to further improve the starch quality.

De-sanding: The starch slurry contains sand will influence the taste of cassava starch. Therefore they need to be removed by desander cyclone in sweet potato starch plant.

sweet potato starch machineCentrifuge sieve

Concentration and refining: Then the starch slurry goes into hydrocyclone station for separating protein, cell sap and other impurities. 16-18 stage hydrocyclone station is adopted in sweet potato starch plant for concentration, refining, recycling and washing of starch slurry. Of course, the hydrocyclone group can be customized according to demands.

Dewatering: In sweet potato starch plant, dewatering serves to decrease water content of starch slurry so as to meet the standard for drying. The required moisture content after dewatering is below 40%.

Drying: The drying process followed dewatering to produce starch to the desired quality. Flash dryer is used in sweet potato starch plant for drying which features with high heat exchange rate and instant drying effect.

Starch packing and stocking: The finished sweet potato starch is packed by automatic packing machine into 25kg or 50kg. Then it is stored in warehouse of sweet potato starch plant for sale.

sweet potato starch machineSweet potato starch drying machine

Advantage of DOING sweet potato starch plant:

(1). Advanced European process technology

(2). High quality equipment materials and treatment

(3). First class machine fabrication technology and strict quality control

(4). First class sweet potato starch quality

(5). Excellent pre-sale and after sale service.

Processing capacity of sweet potato starch plant:

Sweet potato starch plant can process capacity from 1 ton fresh sweet potato per hour  to 25  ton fresh sweet potato per hour. More bigger capacity can be customized according to requirements.

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