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Tapioca starch processing line

Date:Apr 29, 2019/ Starch production line/ Chat online
Advanced tapioca starch production technology and comprehensive solutions:

Tapioca starch production line adopts a full set of advanced and mature Europe technology, combined with equipment manufactured in the China in accordance with European standards, enabling the production to achieve the most cost effective

Fully enclosed device, modular structure, compact layout and greatly reduced installation time

Tapioca starch processing lineTapioca

Optimized core technology originates in EuropeRasper using British COOPER bearing, the world's only brand can provide heavy load bearing to ensure under high-speed and load stable running

De-sanding cyclone uses the unique water separation system to guarantee the discharge and not leaking starch

Hydrocyclone optimized various processes, completely replaced the disc separator, concentrated and washing better

Variable Flash dryer duct system reduce to almost 30% steam consumption of present China level


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