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Sweet potato starch processing machine

Date:Jul 24, 2018/ Starch production line/ Chat online

Sweet potato starch processing is a physical separation process,which separate the starch from the fiber, protein and other impurities by using sweet potato starch processing machine. The process of sweet potato processing mainly includes the following part:
sweet potato cleaning and washing-rasping-separating-concentraction and refining-dehydrating-drying-packing

sweet potato starch processing

Sweet potato starch processing line

The following is the mainly sweet potato starch processing machine used for sweet potato processing line:
1. Sweet potato cleaning and washing machine: The widely used sweet potato cleaning machine is dry sieve. It mainly removes the sand, weed, small stones and other debris of sweet potato. After cleaning, materials are transported into rotary washing machine to further wash the attached impurities.

2. Sweet potato rasping machine:  The rasping machine is the most important sweet potato starch processing machine affecting the extraction rate of potato starch. An efficient grating machine allows the granule inside the cassava cell to be fully released so as to improve the extraction rate. DOING rasper is a high efficient machine which can achieve the high grating rate and high extraction rate.

sweet potato processing machine

Sweet potato rasping machine

3. Sweet potato starch separating machine: The widely used sweet potato starch processing machine for separating includes centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve. By utilizing the high speed centrifugal force, centrifuge sieve can effectively separate fiber from starch. The fine fiber sieve is a low speed centrifugal equipment. It mainly remove small fibers from starch to further purify the starch slurry.

4. Sweet potato starch milk concentration and refining machine: Hydrocyclone station is also an important sweet potato starch processing machine. It is mainly used for removing protein, cell sap and other impurities. DOING full hydrocyclone technology includes the concentration, refining and recycling of sweet potato starch.

sweet potato machine

Sweet potato starch dehydrating machine

5. Sweet potato starch dehydrating machine: Dehydrating unit is used for reducing the water content of cassava slurry. The widely used dehydrating machine is vacuum filter. After dehydrating, the water content in starch milk is 38%-40%.

6. Sweet potato starch drying machine:  This sweet potato starch processing machine is to get final product sweet potato starch. Flash dryer is the extemsively used cassava drying machine. DOING flash dryer adopts the negative pressure drying system which can effectively reduces the loss of the starch and meanwhile purifies the working environment.

sweet potato making machine

Sweet potato starch drying machine

Our sweet potato starch processing machine can making sweet potato starch from sweet potato in short time,  from putting the raw material (fresh sweet potato) into the machine until get the final dry starch is around 20~30 minutes .

During the sweet potato starch production, it only need raw material , power , water and  few workers , do not need any other chemical additives .

My company do not only supply high quality sweet potato starch processing machine, we also can design the sweet potato starch processing plant according to the customers demand .

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