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Tapioca starch manufacturing process

Date:Dec 17, 2018/ Starch production line/ Chat online

Tapioca starch manufacturing process is more and more popular during Africa countries. Tapioca starch is widely used in Food formulation.Nowadays many local people who own lots of tapioca in their countries would like to choose the automatic equipment replacing the manual method. It will save some labor cost and improve the production efficiency at the same time.

Doing Company focus on tapioca starch manufacturing machine for more than ten years and we have set up so many tapioca starch projects in Nigeria and other Africa countries. The following content will describe the specific tapioca starch manufacturing process.

cassava starch processing machineTapioca starch manufacturing process

Tapioca starch manufacturing process is as below:

step 1- Raw material preparation: large quantity of tapioca roots are prepared for processing.

step 2- Tapioca roots washing: The roots are washed by the paddle washing machine then come into the crushing machine for further process

tapioca starch manufacturing machineCassava washing machine

step 3- Tapioca crushing: The washed tapioca roots are crushed into the pulp mash.

step 4- Tapiocastarch extracting: The mash is pumped into the centrifugal screen for separating the starch pulp and fiber things. Then the Pressure curved sieve, desander, hydro-cyclone etc.This step is the most important process during tapioca starch extraction. This will directly influence the tapioca starch extraction rate.

tapioca starch manufacturing machineTapioca starch manufacturing machine

step 5- Dewatering: The tapioca starch pulp will pump into the vacuum hydro extractor to dewater the moisture. It will be about 38-42%moisture after this equipment.

step 6- Drying: The dewatered starch come into the airflow dryer by the screw conveyor. After drying, the moisture will less than 14% according to national standard.

tapioca starch manufacturing machineTapioca starch drying machine

step 7- Packing: The starch powder will be packed by the automatic packing machine. All above is the basic tapioca starch manufacturing process. Besides, the PLC controlling system is necessary to realize the automation. It is up to the customer's real budgets. Welcome to visit our Doing factory.

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