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Wheat starch production line

Date:Apr 29, 2019/ Starch production line/ Chat online

The wheat flour is the main food in many country,  but except for making food , what product can be produced from wheat flour? The answer is wheat starch.

Our company professional manufacture the complete set wheat starch production line.

hydrocyclone unitHydrocyclone unit

There are three main methods in wheat starch production line, one is martin method, the second is hydro clyclone method, the third is three phase method or tri-canter method . Each method of the wheat starch production line has its own advantage and disadvantage. Some are very good for high capacity wheat starch production line, some are good for small and economic wheat starch production line. The wheat starch production line is mainly depend on customers requirements , we will choose the best suit method according to capacity, quality, investment budget and etc.

The wheat starch production line with hydro cyclone process is: 1-mixing wheat flour and water; 2-gluten and A&B wheat starch separation;  3-A&B wheat starch and wheat bran separation; 4-A wheat starch and B wheat starch separation; 5-A wheat starch slurry refining ; 6-B wheat starch recycle; 7-A wheat starch de-watering; 8-A wheat starch drying to get the final dry A wheat starch product .
The machine of wheat starch production line include: gluten washing machine, gluten seive, centrifuge seive machine, hydrocyclone group, de-water machine; starch dryer machine.

gluten machineGluten making machine

Double helix gluten making machine for wheat starch making   During the wheat starch production, it only need raw material wheat flour, power, water and  some workers, do not need any other chemical additives. The wheat starch produced by the wheat starch prodction line is good for making any food or for deep processing.

Our company do not only supply high quality wheat starch produciton line, we also can design the wheat starch plant for the customers such as process design, building design machine arrangement, foundation design and ect.

Welcome visit our factory or contact us for more information about the wheat starch production line.

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