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Corn syrup production line

Date:Apr 30, 2019/ Syrup production line/ Chat online

Corn syrup also called glucose syrup is a food syrup which is most commonly made from the corn starch. Technically, glucose syrup is made from the hydrolysis of starch, so it can made from any starch resource, such as cassava starch, potato starch, wheat starch and so on.

Besides the starch, the corn syrup production line also can produce the glucose syrup from corn or broken rice directly.

corn syrup production lineCorn syrup production line

The corn syrup production line production process is making corn powder from corn first , then use the corn powder to produce the glucose syrup. Corn syrup production line is one production line, just have two section. The complete set corn syrup production line is automatic production line.

Compare to other corn processing plant, this kind corn syrup production line with lower investment and without pollution problem. The corn syrup production line will make more profit, because it produce glucose syrup from corn directly. If you interested in this kind corn syrup production line, please contact us freely.

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