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Production of glucose syrup from sweet potato

Date:Jun 08, 2018/ Syrup production line/ Chat online

Modern technology for production of glucose syrup from sweet potato actually is produce the glucose from sweet potato starch, because the sweet potato with more protein and fiber contain than rice and corn, so, until now, although Doing Company has been mastered the technology can produce syrup from corn powder and rice powder directly, still can't use the sweet potato directly for the production of glucose syrup, a good new is that our company also can offer you the complete set of sweet potato starch processing machine, that's to say we can manufacturer all requested machines for the production of glucose syrup from sweet potato.

guocose making machine

Sweet potato starch and glucose syrup production machine

Below is the syrup production process, adopt the enzyme method, which is the most advanced and easily controlled technology all over the world. On the following mainly introduce our syrup equipments for the production of glucose from sweet potato starch:

① Sweet potato starch mixing with water: add certainly water into mixing tank, in the mixing condation add starch to adjust its concentration to about 40%, then add hydrochloric acid to adjust the liquid PH value of 18, and wait the starch reaction.

② Saccharification: after the starch slurry adjust, pump it into saccharification tank, then open steam valve lift the pressure to 2.8kg per square meter, keep this pressure 3-5 mins. Then sampling, use 20% iodine solution to check the saccharification performance, end of the saccharification solution. When the liquid is red, it can be neutralized. By the way, this section is most important for production of glucose syrup from sweet potato starch, decided the syrup products taste, also means the quality.

glucose syrup production machine

Saccharification tank

③ Saccharification liquid neutralize: To neutralize and barrels, began to stir to join quantitative waste carbon as filter acid, and gradually adding 10% sodium carbonate solution, when the ph value to 4.6-4.8, open the discharge valve, the pump will filter out the clear liquid syrup and then cooled to 60℃, after cooling, liquid syrup can be made decolorization process.

④ Decolorization: put the syrup solution into the decolorizing tank, add the activated carbon and mixing them. The time of decoloring and stirring should not be less than 5 minutes, then it can be sent to the filter press, and the filtrate colourless syrup solution be placed in the storage tank for reserve. This decolorization process for the producction of glucose syrup from sweet potato usually adopted the plate and frame filter press machine.

glucose fructose production machine

Doing Company syrup equipments design

⑤ Ion exchange: this ion exchange system adopt ion exchange resin for sweet potato glucose syrup pure process, remove all acids by this system. After this, we can get high purity glucose syrup, this also an important section for the production of glucose syrup from sweet potato.

⑥ Evaporate: this section used to remove the excess moisture from the glucose syrup solution. Usually suggest you adopt three-effect evaporator which is the most suitable type, of course, we also can adjust the evaporator type as the production requests.

glucose syrup production plant

Doing Company manufacturered syrup equipments

As a China sweet potato syrup preparation equipments manufacturer, it's essential to tell you that in recent years, China's sweet potato syrup production develop fast. One important reason is sugar industry sales reached to 66,363 million yuan, up 27.57% compared with last year. But its production cutting a lot, China as one of the largest producers and consumers of sugar in the world, faces greater pressure on sugar supply and demand. To meet consume requests, China as one of the main sweet potato planting area, to make the prduction of glucose syrup from sweet potato syrup has been a popular project.

Under this condation, Doing Company developed the technology of the prduction of glucose syrup from sweet potato, combined with advanced technology home and abroad, form sweet potato starch production technology to starch syrup preparation technology, also all equipments demanded manufacturer. Now, Doing Company starch and syrup equipments has been saled to many countries and areas. Except the glucose, you also can use our syrup equipments to produce maltose and fructose from sweet potato starch, just the enzyme adopted is different, that's to say you can adjust your production plan as the market condition. Our machine for production of glucose syrup from sweet potato is your best choice.

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