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Plate frame filter press

The function of Plate frame filter press:

Residue separation and drying: The liquefied material goes to filter press machinery for separating. Then using the process water wash the residue to recover glucose. After washing, the residue is sent to bundle dryer machine for dreg drying

Plate frame filter pressPlate frame filter press

Parameter of plate-and-frame filter press

Model Output/m³ Powder/KW Remark
GS-20 80 3 Thermostability polypropylene
GS-30 100 3 Thermostability polypropylene
GS-50 120 4 Thermostability polypropylene
GS-100 150 5.5 Thermostability polypropylene


Application of plate-and-frame filter press

(1) Corn glucose syrup production line

(2) Rice glucose syrup production line

(3) Wheat glucose syrup production line



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