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20TPD potato starch preparation solution

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Potato starch has wide application. And the potato starch processing line has different scale, large or small. 20TPD potato starch preparation solution is suitable for a kind of medium scale potato starch processing line, usually the client first choice. Next is the introduction of our 20TPD potato starch preparation solution, divided into several parts.

-Potato starch preparation working principle:

The potato starch preparation solution is generally that the production process of potato starch is a physical separation process, which separates the starch from cellulose, protein, inorganic substance and so on. In the process of potato starch production, since starch is not dissolved in cold water and its specific gravity is larger than that of water, special mechanical equipment can separate starch from the suspension of water, thus the purpose of recovering starch is achieved.

potato starch preparation

Potato starch preparation process

-20TPD potato starch preparation solution main technical parameters:

1. Capacity: 20ton per day. Also can design other capacity ability as your requests

2. Main workshop cost area: 300-500㎡(not include the storage room).

3. Operation workers: 5-15

5. Water demand: 5-10ton per hour(the water can be used recycle)

potato starch preparation

Doing Company potato starch preparation machines


-The technology of our standard 20TPF potato starch preparation solution:

For 20TPD potato starch preparation solution, it mainly incudes several procedures, which are potato cleaning and washing, potato crushing, potato starch extration, potato starch dewatering, potato starch drying and potato starch packing. The next will detailedly introduce thse main procedures of potato starch processing line.

Procedure 1: potato cleaning and washing

In 20TPD potato starch preparation solution, the first step is to clean potato. Potato will be cleaned in the dry sieve. The cleaning machine will use its inner spirals to push potatoes moving forward. In the cleaning process, some peels of potatoes will be removed. The next is to use screw conveyer to transport potatoes to rotary washing machine. the machine adopts countercurrent washing principle. Material flows in the opposite direction against water in the cleaning tank, which makes washing completely with good efficiency. By the effect of outer spiral`s pushing, sediment and other impurities between drum outer wall and tank bottom is charged effectively.

Procedure 2: potato crushing

This step is mainly done by rasper. This machine has a high extraction rate of potato starch. It has features of modern design and high rasping coefficiency.

potato starch preparation

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Procedure 3: potato starch extraction

In the 20TPD potato starch preparation solution, after crushing, the potato milk will go through several steps, then the potato starch milk will be more pure potato starch milk. In the process, some fiber, cell liquid, and dirt will be removed out of potato starch milk. First, centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve remove some dirt and fiber with high efficiency. The two machines have large capacity. Then, after removing fiber, hydrocyclone is used to concentrate, recover and wash. Hydrocyclone runs stablely and can be operated easily.

Procedure 4 potato starch dewatering

Vacuum filter is used for potato starch dehydration. The dewatering machine is equipped with continuously adjustable level control. And it is pneumatic controlled scraping blade discharging. The machine can dewater potato starch effectively.

Procedure 5: Potato starch drying

Then the air flash dryer(click to see the video) will dry the potato starch. The whole machine adopts negative system and cooling system, so it can shorten the heating time. The machine has large capacity, so in the 20TPD potato starch preparation solution, it is easy to deal with processing the potato input. After all these procedure, we can get potato starch products with moisture less than 14%, reach to the first grade.

These are main procedures and main machine in the 20TPD potato starch preparation solution. Certainly, there are other assistive facilities, which are transformers and power distribution cabinet, water aupply system, corresponding storehouse and stacks and transfer tanks and so on. Doing company has professional teams for potato starch preparation solution.

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