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Cassava starch processing

Date:Apr 29, 2019/ Starch production line/ Chat online

Automatic cassava starch processing Introduction

cassava starch processingCassava starch processing

Automatic cassava starch production line include the cassava washing and tranport machine , cassava crushing machine , cassava starch and residue separate machine , desander machine , cassava starch milk washing machine , cassava starch milk dewater machine , wet scassava starch drying machine and dry cassava starch seive machine.

The automatic cassava starch processing line  adpots wet processing for starch production, do not add any additives in the whole production line.The automatic cassava starch production line is a line with mature technology, advanced equipment, ressonable design.

From put the fresh cassava into the automatic cassava starch production line until get the final dry cassava starch only need about 30 minutes.

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