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Potato starch processing plant

Date:Dec 04, 2018/ Solutions/ Chat online

Potato starch processing plant adopts the wet processing technology of starch production, and no additives are added in the whole production process. The main features of potato starch processing plant process: the whole plant adopts closed way and spiral flow device which features with low consumption, high efficiency and good product quality.

Main indicators:

This line processes 50-150 tons of fresh potatoes every day.

Potato raw material requirements:

Starch containing >15%, fresh, no mold, no dirt, stones.

Water supply requirements:

Turbidity Hardness SO₂ Iron pressure
<0.1 <100 <0.55ppm <0.9 ppm >0.2MPa

potato starch processing plantPotato starch processing plant

The whole process of potato starch processing plant can be divided into the following units:

1 Potato cleaning and washing unit

Fresh potatoes is firstly cleaned in dry sieve to remove the weed, stone, sand and other impurities. Then the cleaned potato is transported into rotary washing machine to further remove the attached debris such as sand, soil and dirt. After the two process, the potatoes are thoroughly cleaned. And then the clean potato is stored in daily designated area in potato starch processing plant.

2 Crushing unit

The washed potatoes are fed into rasping machine for crushing process. Crushing is the most important process in potato starch processing plant, therefore it will be better to choose high efficient crushing machine. DOING rasper is a high crushing coefficient machine with a breaking rate more than 95%.

potato starch processing machinePotato starch crushing machine

3 Fiber Separation Unit

This process is for separating fiber from starch in potato starch processing plant. Potato starch slurry is pump into the first level centrifuge sieve, the wet fiber comes down from the first screen is then pumped into the second, third and the fourth extraction screen, thus to achieve better separation effect. And fine fiber sieve is also used in potato starch processing plant for separating fine fibers and starch.

4 Desanding Unit

Starch milk after separation is sent to a mixing tank in potato starch processing plant. Then the starch is transported into desander to remove the sand out of starch slurry. The desander can remove sediment in the starch, improve the make the product quality to a higher class.

potato starch processing machinePotato starch refining machine

5 Concentration and Refining Unit

At this time the starches with 13 level hydrocyclone stand to concentration, refining and recycling starch slurry in potato starch processing plant. The main purpose of this process is to remove protein, fiber and cell sap out of starch slurry. The refining hydrocyclone unit can automatic work and is equipped with the necessary instruments.

6 Dehydration Unit

The water content of starch milk coming out of hydrocyclone station is too high to dry directly, therefore it is sent to vacuum filter for dehydrating. The wet starch water content after dehydration is 38-40%.

potato starch making machinePotato starch drying machine

7 Starch Drying and Packing Unit

In potato starch processing plant, the drying process is completed by flash dryer. The starch after drying uses high efficiency cyclone to collect, and finished products of drying machine use pneumatic conveyor or screw conveyor to cool. Then the cooling dry starch is sent to the sieving machine by two stage cyclone separator collection and screw conveyor. After screening, the starch is packed by semi-automatic packing machine for warehousing.

The standard of finished starch in potato starch processing plant:

Water ≤ 18 ~ 20%
Fineness ≥ 99.6 (100 mesh pass)
Protein ≤ 0.1%
Whiteness ≥ 90% (475mn, reflectivity)
Chemical SO2 ≤ 30ppm
Ash ≤ 0.25
The spots are ≤3. (fully in line with national first-class standards)

Water consumption: 2~3T per ton of fresh potato

Power consumption: about 200 degrees per ton of finished product

Coal consumption: about 2 tons of steam per ton of finished product

The above is the introduction of the whole potato starch processing plant. Doing Company as a professional starch processing machine manufacturer, we can not only offer potato starch processing machine but also provide plant engineering design and even installation and processing technology training service.


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