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What are the advantages of the fully automatic electric cassava Garri fryer machine?

Date:2020-09-17/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

In the production of Garri, the fully automatic electric cassava Garri fryer machine is gradually replacing the hand-fried Garri. Why is the Garri fryer so attractive to Garri producers? I will introduce you some advantages of Garri fryer based on the Garri fryer of Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui.

Different parts of the Garri fryer are made of different materials

The parts contacting the Garri in the fryer are made of 304 food grade stainless steel, which ensures the sanitation of Garri. Our stainless steel materials can be tested for tensile and hardness in professional research institutes. In the stirring part, the paddle of the stirring shaft is made of food-grade nylon 66, which is resistant to high temperature. The stirring paddle can be flexibly rotated at different angles, so that the material is stirred completely and heated evenly.

The overall design of the Garri fryer is reasonable and the structure is compact

After communicating with users and understanding their needs, the technical department began to design drawings. The design process of the Garri fryer is completed by the engineer through the 3D view, which can easily find the problem from all angles. In order to make the Garri fully and uniformly heated, engineers designed two mixing shafts, including one large and one small. The big shaft rotates around the center of the fryer, and the small shaft rotates by itself.During the working process, the two shafts can be rotated at different speeds, so that every corner of the fryer can be stirred (no dead spots), without stickiness or burning.

garri frying machineThe body and stirring part of the Garri fryer

The Garri fryer is controlled by the electronic system

The Garri fryer adopted gradeless variable frequency regulator to regulate the power and can operate steadily. Turn on the power, set the temperature, and press the heating button to start heating. The heating system can be driven by electricity, gasoline or diesel. Users can choose according to their needs. When the set temperature is reached, start feeding the Garri to fry. The stirring speed and temperature can both be regulated by the control panel. Easy to operate and high efficiency.

The Garri fryer is equipped with high-quality supporting equipment

The supporting equipment of the Garri fryer includes wires and cables and automatic control facilities. At present, all of our supporting wires and cables use national standard copper core cables, and are equipped with wire and cable trays. The cabling of the cable tray conforms to the standard, which is convenient for maintenance, and eliminates the possibility of potential safety hazards caused by pulling wires and cables in the workshop. Sealing strips are installed around the automatic control equipment, and each circuit is protected by insulating sleeves, which has a high safety factor. The internal electronic components are all well-known brand products, which can also be adjusted according to user requirements.

garri frying machineThe electronic system and supporting equipment of the Garri fryer

Easy discharging of the Garri fryer

The Garri fryer adopts an inclined design to solve the difficulty of discharging. The pan body is flipped through the rack and pinion structure, so the transmission ratio is large, and the pan can be easily rotated to any angle required for easy discharge. This can save labor and improve production efficiency. Of course, we can also design an automatic unloading system controlled by a cylinder according to user requirements. The operation of the system will be free of labor.


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