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What is the best cassava starch extraction method?

Date:2020-10-20/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

There are currently three main extraction methods for cassava starch on the market: manual extraction, small machine extraction and large-scale production line extraction. Different cassava starch extraction methods are suitable for producers with different needs.

Manual cassava starch extraction method

Manual cassava starch extraction method is a traditional and simple starch extraction method. From the peeling, cleaning, crushing of cassava raw materials, to the separation of slag slurry, sedimentation, dehydration, and drying are all performed manually. This starch extraction method takes a long time and is suitable for small-scale production that does not pursue yield.

cassava starch extractionTraditional artisanal cassava starch extraction

Small mechanical cassava starch extraction method

Small mechanical cassava starch extraction method is a kind of starch extraction method with mechanical processing as the main and artificial as the auxiliary. The small cassava starch production line is foldable and mobile. The bottom of the device is equipped with pulleys and has the ability to be folded. After folding, the volume is about one truck load, and the device can be transported to places with large cassava planting areas only by truck. The equipment has low power consumption and simple operation. It can be operated by only four or five people. It is specially designed for the extraction of small and medium cassava starch.

cassava starch extractionModern small mechanical cassava starch extraction

Large-scale mechanical cassava starch extraction method

Large-scale mechanical cassava starch extraction method is a modern and efficient starch extraction method. The ideal cassava starch large-scale production line machines include: dry sieving, paddle washing machine, cassava cutting machine, rasper, centrifugal sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, disc separator, hydrocyclone, peeler centrifuge , flash dryer, vibration sieve, packaging machine. The specific machines required for the cassava production line can be adjusted according to customer requirements. This starch extraction method is suitable for starch production in industrial factories.

cassava starch extractionEfficient large-scale cassava starch extraction

The above three cassava starch extraction methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Manual extraction has low production cost, but low output. Small machine extraction is convenient and cheap, but the output is limited. Large-scale production line extraction is expensive and requires a lot of cost, but the output is large and the efficiency is high.

Therefore, the best cassava starch extraction method is that suits you. Manufacturers should choose cassava starch extraction method based on your actual conditions and production needs. Doing Holdings - Henan Jinrui is a professional starch machine supplier. We have many installation cases of cassava starch extraction machines of different scales at home and abroad, so we have a wealth of experience in cassava starch extraction. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us.


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