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What is syrup used for?

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syrup processing machine

syrup prcessing machine

Glucose syrup is a popular substitute for sugar. It is more commonly referred to as corn syrup because its main ingredient is usually cornstarch. From a strictly chemical perspective, it is any liquid starch consisting of carbohydrates. In addition to cornstarch, it can be made from any form of starch, including wheat, rice or potatoes.

Because of its successful and easy bonding with dry or solid substances, this syrup is the preferred sweetener for candy, chewing gum, jams, jellies and canned fruit. The main benefit of this syrup over regular granulated sugar is its non-crystallizing properties. It is also praised for its preservative qualities.

Makers of chocolate, ice cream and bakery products also prefer this syrup to sugar. In chocolate and ice cream production, it enhances the smoothness of the finished products. Ice cream makers appreciate the anti-melting feature it adds to the frozen treat. Cream and fruit fillings in bakery products get a lot of their fluffiness and bulk from this type of syrup.

Non-sweet foods and drinks also benefit from glucose syrup. Pan masala, an after-dinner digestive aid consisting of nuts, seeds, spices and herbs that is popular in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, uses this syrup for flavor and preservation. The syrup also aids in fermentation and brewing processes utilized in beer and alcohol production. The high carbohydrate content preferred in processed baby foods is provided by the addition of this sugar substitute as well.

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