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Cassava starch processing plant in Nigeria

Date:2022-12-14/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Seeing this article, I guess you may want to start a cassava starch processing plant in Nigeria. So you must wonder to know, what is cassava starch processing plant like in Nigeria and how many factors do you need to consider before building a cassava starch processing plant? Most importantly, How much does this cassava starch processing plant probably cost? All the above questions you can find answer from the following article.

From the following video, you can see Henan Jinrui's cassava starch processing plant running in Nigeria:

Of course, not all cassava starch processing plant are designed the same, it depends on every customer's specific needs and local situation. Henan Jinrui can provide cassava turn-key project for you, from cassava starch plant design, scale selection, power supply, machine customization,etc, that aims to meet your different processing capacity need and various local situation.

Cassava starch processing machine display:

cassava starch processing machineHigh automation cassava starch processing machine

After seeing the above, you may also want to know more details of cassava starch processing plant in Nigeria. Let me choose some frequently asked questions to answer.

1.Is it profitable to start cassava starch processing plant in Nigeria?

As we all know, cassava is one of the main foods to the Nigerian farmers, so it is easy to collect enough fresh cassava tubers at lower price all year around. Besides that, cassava tubers can be processed into many different cassava by-products, such as gari, cassava flour, cassava chips and cassava starch. Among them, cassava starch is the most widely used and has the highest commercial value. That's to mean, to start cassava starch processing plant in Nigeria, you have already win two important profitable factors in materials and market. 【See also: Why invest in the cassava processing business in Nigeria?

2.How much does a cassava starch processing plant in Nigeria probably cost?

The exact price of cassava starch processing plant depends on the machine configuration and degree of automation. So if you want to produce cassava starch on a large scale and want to reduce labor consumption as much as possible, we suggest you buy a fully automatic cassava starch processing machine, which has the advantages of high production efficiency and short production cycle. Correspondingly, this is relatively high for your cost budget. Of course, you can choose semi-automation cassava starch processing plant, which is less expensive and suitable for beginners. Henan Jinrui is willing to design any kind of cassava starch processing plant for our customers, because we always uphold the concept of customer's success is our success. 【Also read: How much money is required to start a small cassava starch processing plant in Nigeria?

3.Where can I buy reliable cassava starch processing machine?

To choose a professional cassava machine manufacturer to cooperate is vital to produce high quality cassava starch thus has a promising sales market. You can first seek advice from local investors or experts in this field to know your specific requirements. Then you can search on the Internet to find your interested products to inquiry. 【Helpful tips: What should we consider when buying cassava starch processing machine?】If you think this article useful, you can try to inquiry Henan Jinrui first, because we successfully installed many cassava processing projects in Nigeria.


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