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What necessary machine is needed to purify starch in cassava starch processing plant?

Date:Feb 15, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

In cassava starch processing plant, four necessary machines are needed to refine and purify cassava starch. They are centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander and hydrocyclone station. Today, as a 10+year manufacturer experience of cassava processing machine, Henan Jinrui company tells you why they can be necessarily needed in cassava starch processing plant when purifying cassava starch.

Centrifuge sieve:

centrifuge sieve for cassava starch purifyingCentrifuge sieve for purifying cassava starch slurry

Cassava includes much fiber which will interfere with processing and purifying cassava starch if they do not remove completely. Therefore, we need to adopt centrifuge sieve to eliminate them efficiently. Centrifuge sieve takes use of centrifugal force to separate cassava starch slurry and slag. After this machine, you can get the cassava starch slurry without much fiber. But, cassava starch slurry only finished the first purifying treatment.

Fine fiber sieve:

fine fiber sieve  for purifying cassava starch slurryFine fiber sieve for purifying cassava starch slurry

A certain amount of small fiber still contains in cassava starch slurry after the first treatment. It also needs to be further purify by fine fiber sieve. It can separate small fiber from starch slurry according to its own gravity and low centrifugal force function by screen mesh inside the drum. In this way, cassava fiber can be fully removed by this machine.


desander for purifying cassava starch slurryDesander for purifying cassava starch slurry

Though we equip cassava paddle washing machine and cassava peeler in washing and cleaning part of the cassava starch processing plant, sands are inevitable contained in cassava starch slurry. For the sake of the taste and the quality of cassava starch, we should used desander to refine the cassava starch slurry. It separates sands out of cassava starch slurry according to the principle of different gravity separation. To this processing part, you can gain clean cassava starch slurry.

Hydrocyclone station:

hydrocyclone station for purifying cassava starch slurryHydrocyclone station for purifying cassava starch slurry

Hydrocyclone station is a significant machine for purifying cassava starch slurry, which is used for separating the insoluble protein and residual soluble protein and other impurities so that the obtained starch slurry is pure. Normally to say, engineers of Henan Jinrui company will equip 18 level hydroclone station for customer to help them gain pure and high quality cassava starch. After all, higher pure and quality cassava starch can get large market and high profit.

All of these four machines are necessarily needed in cassava starch processing and purifying. In order to get higher pure and quality cassava starch, We recommend you choose Centrifuge sieve, Fine fiber sieve, Desander, Hydrocyclone station.But if your budget is limited, Henan Jinrui company recommend that you can choose three machines of above besides desander.

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