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How do you process cassava into starch? What equipment are needed in cassava starch production process?

Date:Jan 19, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

At present, processing technology for extracting starch from cassava is very mature. People can adopt physical separation method to process cassava into starch through three sections: cleaning section, processing section and drying section. And in each section of cassava starch production process, different equipment are needed.

Section 1: cleaning

Equipment needed in cleaning section include dry sieve, paddle washer and belt conveyors.

equipment needed in cleaning sectionEquipment needed in cleaning section

Firstly cassava tubers are loaded into feeding hopper for short storage, and then they are transported to dry sieve machine by belt conveyor. The dry sieve machine can remove impurities that are attached on surface of cassava roots. And then cassava will be sent to paddle washer machine for complete cleaning and washing.

Section 2: processing

Equipment needed here include cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, de-sander and hydrocyclone station.

equipment needed in processing sectionEquipment needed in Processing section

Cleaned cassava are firstly conveyed into the cutting machine for first crushing. And cutting process, small pieces of cassava will drop down or be conveyed into rasper for second crushing. Rasper machine has high crushing efficiency and can release starch as much as possible, increasing starch yield. After that, cassava pulp will be pumped into centrifuge sieve machine to separate fibers. And then cassava water will go through de-sander machine to eliminate tiny sands. Finally, hydrocyclone station is applied to concentrate, wash and refine starch liquid to get purified starch milk.

Section 3: drying

Peeler centrifuge, flash dryer and sieving machine are required in this section.

Equipment needed in drying section

We get purified starch milk from processing section, and then use peeler centrifuge machine to dehydrate starch milk and get wet starch powder with moisture content around 40%. And then, wet starch will be transported into flash dryer machine for final drying process, from which we can get dried starch with 10-14% moisture. Finally sieving machine will sieve the cassava starch powder before packaging.

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