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How to make high purity cassava flour from fresh cassava?

Date:2022-02-26/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Cassava is popular in Eastern African and West Africa, it’s easy to grow, and simple to harvest, and also drought tolerant. And all part of cassava is valuable. For example, cassava leaves can be make soup, and feed for livestock. Cassavas stems can plant more cassava roots, for mushroom production, and firewood. Cassava roots can be cooked or eaten and also can be produce garri, flour and starch, fufu and so on. Today, we take cassava flour as a example to explain how high purity cassava flour make from fresh cassava.

In order to ensure you can get high purity cassava flour from fresh cassava, it is better to process the cassava within a day after harvesting it. More than that, sticking to process cassava flour according to the steps of making it, the cassava flour you processed will be more purity.

cassva flour processing Process cassava flour according to the steps

First step: harvesting and selection fresh cassava

You need to ensure the species of cassava to be harvested is good for hiqh purity cassava flour production. Then, selecting well mature cassava whose life cycles is in 9-12 months.

Second step: washing and cleaning fresh cassava

After transporting fresh cassava into cassava flour processing plant,

cassava can directly transport into dry sieve, paddle washing machine and cassava peeler for cleaning. This part can remove those impurities attached on cassava as stalk, dirt, sand, sticky mud, fiber and cassava layers.

Third step :cutting and grating cassava

After washing and peeling cassava, cassava cutting machine will cut the peeled cassava into 3-5cm chops which is good for the second grating to improve yield of cassava flour. Then, rasper will grate cassava chops into cassava mash.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour processing machine

Fourth step :dewatering cassava mash

Put the grated cassava mash into frame-plate filter to dewater it

Fifth step: cassava cake breaking

After dewatering, cassava mash changes into cassava cake which need to be broke. Hammer crusher is used to break cassava cake. After this machine, you can get dewatering cassava. In this way, it can ensure the uniformity of drying.

Sixth step: drying

Flash dryer is an very important machine for drying, which decides the quality of final flour. This machine will dry dewatered cassava into cassava flour.

Seventh step: sieving or sifting

Sifting the dryied cassava flour in order to sure cassava flour's purity. This machine is used to sieve the fibrous material contained in cassava flour.

To sum up, if you can process cassava flour according to this seven step, you can get high purity cassava flour. All of these cassava flour processing machine can be customized by Henan Jinrui company. If you interested in them, please leave message to us below.


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