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What is cornstarch used for?

Date:Dec 14, 2017/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

corn milling machine

Cornstarch production machine

Cornstarch is one kind of starch that extract from the corn kernel, which can be used in a variety of area. It is well-known that there are numerous people who use the cornstarch in the kitchen in order to add flavor of food. For example, the cornstarch is likely to be used as thickener for the soup. Besides, the problem of people’s body sometimes can be handled by the cornstarch. For instance, if people have an oily face, you can control the oiliness of the skin by using just a little of cornstarch powder. 
There is no doubt that the market and demand of cornstarch is great. It not only has edible function but also has medicinal function. The production of cornstarch nowadays has achieved full automation including Purifying, Steeping, Sulfurous acid making, Crash and germ separation, Finely milling and fiber wash, dewater, drying, Protein separation and starch washing, Starch dewater and drying, Gluten concentration, dewater, drying and Processing water recovery and steeping liquid evaporation.

cornstarch production machine

Cornstarch production machine

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