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How to make gluten from wheat flour?

Date:Dec 30, 2017/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Gluten is a plant protein, composed of prolamins and glutelins, which is the protein left in the water that does not dissolve in water. Gluten nutrition ingredients, especially the protein content is higher than some meat products and contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements. It is reasonable to say that the gluten is a favorite food for the common people.

gluten making machine

Gluten making machine

The flowing will be showed how to produce the gluten through the simply way. First of all, Adding a certain amount of water to the flour, a small amount of salt, stir into the dough, and place a period of time waiting for protein binding. After that, scrubbing 2-3 times with water in order to remove all the starch and other substances. What the rest is called Gluten. However, At present, producing gluten can not meet the demand of the market though the manual way. Therefore, the people are looking for the stainless steel gluten washing machine which can produce high quality and quantity gluten.
gluten making machine
Gluten making machine
The main components of the gluten washing machine are the frame, the screw propeller, the reducer and the washing bucket. Also, the customers are able to choose the capacity of output from 250 kg to 750 kg per hour according their own needs. What the principle is the decelerator process the flour to form dough and kneading squeeze its. In the meanwhile, there is the water inside of the gluten washing machine, which can wash the starch out. Finally, the gluten will be discharged automatically through the outlet.
The style of gluten making machine we can provide.
Model Capcity(KG/H) Power(KW) Size(MM)
SLM250 250 6 2600*1000*1500
SLM500 500 11 3000*1200*1200
SLM750 750 15 3400*1400*1250
There are several advantages of our gluten washing machine including Simple operation, low power consumption, many models, and large output which can meet different customers needs.

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