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What equipment will be used in cassava starch cleaning section? What are their function?

Date:Jul 08, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

When you have prepared adequate and high-quality cassava, it is no doubt that washing the cassava is the first step in starch production. By doing this, one hand it can effectively remove the impurities attached to the cassava and ensure the quality of the finished starch; the other hand is to reduce the wear degree of the cassava processing machine and prolong the service life of the production line. At the same time, the cleaned cassava will greatly improve the efficiency of starch production. Henan Jinrui has designed three types of cassava washing machines according to different customer needs, which are dry sieve, rotary washing machine and paddle washing machine. The following will give you details.

Dry sieve

1.Applicable scope

It is used to remove impurities such as dirt, sand, mixed small stones and weeds attached to cassava.

2.Working principle

The friction and collision between the cassava and the dry sieve are used to remove impurities adhering to its surface. The dry sieve is designed with multiple internal spiral structure. When the raw material is conveyed into the dry sieve, the dry sieve will continuously push the fresh cassava to rotate forward and by doing this can reduce the damage of the raw material. The cleaned impurities are discharged through the gap between the dry sieve.

3.Recommended collocation

It is recommended that you use a rotary washing machine or a paddle washing machine to clean the raw materials, which can improve the cleaning efficiency and ensure the cleaning effect.

cassava dry sieveEasy operation dry sieve

Rotary washing machine

1.Applicable scope

It is also used for washing fresh cassava, but it should be noted that it is mainly used in small scale cassava production.

2.Working principle

Adopting countercurrent washing principle, the raw material and the water level difference in the cleaning tank form a reverse movement, and the cleaning effect is good. Under the pushing action of the outer spiral of the drum, the sediment and other impurities deposited between the outer wall of the drum and the tank body can be effectively removed.

3.Recommended collocation

It can be used with dry sieve to clean raw materials.

rotary washing machineLow material damage rate rotary washing machine

Paddle washing machine

1.Applicable scope

It is often used in the washing stage in large scale cassava production

2.Working principle

It also adopts countercurrent washing principle. By the effect of paddle rotating, raw material flows in the converse direction against water current, which makes washing completely and eliminate sand and mud effectively.

3.Recommended collocation

Working with dry sieve can achieve ideal cleaning effect.

paddle washing machineLarge capacity paddle washing machine

If you want to know which machine is the best for cleaning, the author cannot answer. As the old saying goes, everyone has his strong and weak points. We can recommend the most cost-effective cassava washing machine for you according to the raw materials you want to process and the quality of the finished starch, so as to maximize your benefits.

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