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Influence of fresh cassava root in cassava starch making ?

Date:Dec 18, 2015/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

cassava root

Cassava root

Cassava fresh or not is very important in cassava starch making machine.Following is the detailed introduction.

The cassava roots are living plants and need some air for respiration and life activity. During storage the cassava roots consume a small amount of their own starch to maintain life functions until spring. This will require some fresh air, and the respiration causes development of heat. If the tubers get warm, respiration increases, raising the temperature further. A lot of starch is used for respiration and the tubers will die of heat.

Unfavourable storage conditions cause starch losses and, in the worst case, dead and smashed raw materials, which are disruptive for the process. Therefore roots are processed in the order they are delivered to the factory, and the roots must be processed within 24 hours of harvest.

Supplies of bad raw materials have to be rejected.





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