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How to begin a glucose syrup processing business plan?

Date:Mar 04, 2017/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

glucose syrup processing plant

Glucose syrup processing plant

To begin a glucose syrup processing business plan, it requires you clear about several basic information, such as raw material , plant capacity , raw material source , government permission ,factory size, capital and so on .

1, Raw material :  whether your raw material is Corn/Maize , Rice/Broken rice or any kind Refined Starch .

2, Capacity :  how many tons of raw material you want to process in one day or how many tons of glucsoe syrup  you want to produce in one day . Our company can supply the glucose syrup processing plant with output capacity from 5ton glucose syrup per day to 100 ton glucose syrup per day . 

3, Raw material source : Do you have your own plantation/factory  or you purchase the raw material from local market? For getting the profit maximization, it’s better to stable raw material supply to make sure the glucose sryup processing plant working everyday.  

4, Government permission, to install a glucose plant, requires government permission, you need to prepare and apply in advance, for it takes long time, and our company can provide the documents that you need.

5, Factory size and location, you need to confirm the factory size, and our engineer can help draw layout for you. Please also note, the factory should be close to the main road  , it will help raw material  and finish product glucose syrup  transportation  in and out from the glucose syrup processing plant  .

6, Capital: it’s the necessary condition to install a glucose syrup processing business, for the whole glucose syrup processing plant will be costly and need to prepare in advance. And our company can help you with the quotation. 

glucose syrup processing line

Glucose syrup processing line

When everything above is clear, you can  begin a glucose syrup processing business, and our company can also do the turn key project, if any problem about how to begin a glucose processing business plan, just contact with our company, we will always offer you the best service . 

Our company has the new technology to produce glucose syrup from corn or broken rice directly .Our company engineer will give you a feasibility program according to your capacity.

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