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How to make seitan from wheat flour?

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Wheat gluten

There are several ways of making seitan.

Seitan is made from wheat powder(flour). wheat flour after gluten making machine will be wheat starch and wheat gluten.Then we can use gluten to make didferent kinds of seitan food. You can make it by either whole wheat flour or white flour. I personally recommend to use whole wheat flour.

gluten making machine

Gluten making machine

There are different types of flour. You will use strong type, which is used for the bread making.

How to make Seitan from wholewheat flour?

Nowadays you can get 'gluten powder', which is already extracted from wheat flour. Price is about 5 times more expensive than flour, but anyway if you make gluten out of flour, lots will be washed away with water, the wheat flour after gluten making machine will be wet gluten, the use the vital gluten dryer, it will  become gluten powder.

How to make Seitan from wheat gluten powder?

Now there are different types of Seitan.

Usually this vegetable protain is called 'Seitan' when gluten out of wheat is cooked. Traditionally seitan is cooked with light ginger/soyasauce broth. Because this name 'Seitan' came from George Ohsawa of Macrobiotic.

But these days, the name 'Seitan' is used for all kind of Cooked wheat protein. So there are many different flavour of Seitan also.

But now I am talking about different types of Seitan. Actually they have differnt names in Japan. But here to make it easy view around this subject, wheat gluten, I will put them in the same category.

Wheat gluten is called 'Seitan' when it is cooked in some broth, while it is called 'Kofu' when it is steamed and tasted.

Kofu(steamed Seitan) needs more work to make, but it is more chewy when it is deepfried in the oil, and more tasty when it is cooked after. I am almost sure you will love it.

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