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How is gluten manufactured from wheat flour ?

Date:Aug 06, 2016/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

gluten manufacturing machine

Gluten manufacturing machine


To manufacturing gluten, wheat flour is mixed with water to make dough first ,  and then use water washing method to make the wheat starch is washed out.  After washing 4 or 5 times,  the left things is gluten.
The gluten manufactring from wheat flour process : 
First step:  The wheat flour and water are mixed together. The resulting dough is left to rest to allow the protein components time to absorb the water. 
Second step: The dough is then conveyed into gluten manufactruing machine, which knead the dough until all the starch is suspended in the wash water. 
Third Step: All that remains between the screws is the wet gluten . 
 Commercial gluten is available as either a dried powder or in a wet form.the dried powder gluten also called vital wheat gluten , it is produce by drying the wet gluten in gluten drying machine .
Our company supply different capacity gluten manufacturing machine , it can manufacturing gluten from  wheat flour. Our company also supply the gluten drying mahcine.

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