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How much starch is in a potato?

Date:Mar 26, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

We all know that the potato have a large starch content, and potato is a good raw material to produce starch. Then how much starch is in a potato? This not have a certain answer, only a ballpark. Starch content in a potato is 10%-20%, average value is 18.72%. In general, each 500g potato can produce potato starch 80-100g. According to varities of potatoes and different planting soil, different climate, different weather change of potato grow, and different planting method, potato starch content and starch extracting rate are different. That's to say if you want to get 1ton potato starch, you need fresh potatoes about 6-10tons.

How much starch is in a potato

Potato starch making machine

Potato starch production cost certainly not only decided by potato costs, also potato starch equipment and the processing technology. If the potato starch making machine and the processing technology is advanced, the potato starch production capacity will be higher. Otherwise, bad starch processing technology production capacity is shorter because its starch extraction efficientcy is not good and huge wastes of potatoes.

How much starch is in a potato

Potato milling machine to filter starch

Potato starch is made by potatoes after cleaning, milling, screening, protein filtering, starch liquid washing, dewatering and drying process. Doing company own the most advanced potato starch processing technology, potato starch extraction rate can get more than 95%. New potato milling technology make the starch filter completely from potatoes.

How much starch is in a potato

Potato starch making machine and processing technology

Potato starch is the most stable thickening of starch and most widely used in the family cooking. It can keep the dishes water content and make dishes looks better. Its widely used in lots of cooking all over the world, and potatoes is widely plant in many area around the world. At present, potato starch production is the main way of potato deep processing, with a high ecnomic benefit.

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