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How does wet starch dewater effectively?

Date:Mar 21, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Starch is a consist from polymer of glucose molecules, it is the most commonly storage form of carbohydrates in its cells. Most time the starch we see is thickening with mixture of starch and water when cooking at home or restaurant. Starch usually process and extracted form cassavas, sweet pototaes or other starch content raw grains. It you want product starch, you need a whole set of starch production line, this line content from material washing to dewater and dry section. Among this, wet starch  dewater section is an important section in this whole set of starch production, when wet starch processed by this dewater section, starch water content rate is directly influenced the following drying effect and the whole starch production rate, after the dewater section, must guarantee the  final starch water conter less than 38%. Then how can wet starch dewater effectively? Follow is the answer:

How does wet starch dewater effectively

Full stainless steel starch vacuum dewatering machine

Starch vacuum dewater machine also called vacuum filter. Its widely ued for starch making, powder product, food process and other industries which needed solid and liquid dewater separation production process. Doing Company starch vacuum dewater machine totaly made by stainless steel, the vacuum drum spindle speed can be adjusted by a frequency conversion. The drum washing uses intermittent flushing method. In the filter tank, it is equipped with a reciprocating mixer can prevent starch deposition. Also add a continuous liquid control system adjustable.  Our vacuum dewater starch discharging by a scraper which is same length with the rotary drum body, the scraper uses high hardness alloy making.

How does wet starch dewater effectively?

DOING starch making machine

Our starch vacuum filter machine for starch dewater with features as following:

1. Compact structure, stable running operation, and good performance.

2. Good dewatering rate, small area using.

3. No noise when its working, easy to maintain.

4. Advanced technology in home and abroad, this machine is trusted by our clients.

How does wet starch dewater effectively?

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Our starch vacuum dewater machine discharged starch automation, this effect decreases labor intensity, after the extracted wet starch processed by our vacuum filter, the water content must under 38%. It is completely suitable all kinds of starch dewater requests standard. Doing Company  located in Zhengzhou, Factory is located in Wuzhi county, it is our plant which is specilized in starch production machine making and installation.

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