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How to make sweet potato starch?

Date:Jul 03, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Sweet potato starch is a high grade starch widely used in kinds of food production, it is the main product of sweet potato deep processing. Then how to make sweet potato starch, Doing Machinery answer your question.

Sweet potato starch making takes the starch insoluble cold water features to complete, request a whole set of sweet potato starch making equipments include sweet potato cleaning, crushing, seperating, fine filtering, concentrating, dewatering and air drying. Among consists of the main process for how to make sweet potato starch.

how to  make sweet potato starch

Sweet potato starch production process

Following is the main equiments and its function introduction to make sweet potato starch:

-Cleaning part:

1. Dry sieve: used for first time of sweet potato cleaning, remove the stons, clump, leaves, etc., no water, large capacity, not destroy the sweet potatoes.

2. Rotary drum cleaning machine: second cleaning of sweet potato, request water, fully remove the dirt in sweet potato surface. Click sweet potato washing machine to learn more information about this process used for how to make sweet potato starch.

sweet potato cleaning machine

Sweet potato cleaning machine

-Crushing part:

3. Cutting machine: cut sweet potato into several pieces for further crushing. Because of sweet potato usually large.

4. Rasper: fully crush the fibre structure and cell wall of sweet potato, free the starch entirely, high yield. An important machine used to answer for how to make sweet potato starch.

sweet potato crushing machine

Rasper for sweet potato fine crushing


5. Centrifugal sieve: used for starch slurry washing and seperating, extract the adsorbed free starch in the slurry.

6. Fine fiber sieve: remove fine fibers and screen other little impurities out from starch slurry. Guarantee the starch slurry clean enough.

This seperate process about how to make sweet potato starch, function is remove the insoluble impurities, our machine can improve the sweet potato starch quality and whiteness effectively.

how to make sweet potato starch

Doing Company manufacturered sweet potato starch making machinery


7. Hydrocyclone station: adopted for starch slurry further washing and concentration, refining starch slurry, after processed by this, we can get high purity starch slurry.

-Dewatering part for how to make sweet potato starch:

8. Vacuum filter: for starch slurry dewatering to get wet starch which water content is about 38%.

sweet potato starch production machine manufacturer

Sweet potato starch machine under manufacturing


9. Air dryer: finally step for sweet potato starch drying, make starch water content about 13%, reach the standards requests.

Above all, its the complete production process introduction of how to make sweet potato starch. Doing Machinery also can make a personal making plan for you, wheather large capacity or small. Our sweet potato starch making technology combined with the Europe technology, advanced design for the technology and machine used for how to make sweet potato starch, any problems for the details, you can contact us freely and discuss with our engineer.

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