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What's the cost of cassava peeling machine in Nigeria?

Date:Apr 15, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Peeling cassava layers is an important and indispensable step in whether traditional or modern cassava to flour and garri production line, which has effect on the quality of cassava flour and garri. As the growth of the market demand of finished products garri and cassava flour, cassava flour and garri production manufacturers, in order to enhance the production, are more prefer modern cassava peeling machine to manual peeling. For people who want to purchase this cassava peeling machine, they would be more considered about its cost. Today, Henan Jinrui would talk about it.

cassava peeling machine of henan jinrui companyCassava peeling machine of Henan Jinrui Company

Normally speaking, when it comes to the cost of cassava peeling machine, it can not be provided directly. Because some factors as following would be influence its cost.

Daily processing capacity of cassava peeling machine:

As we all know, the larger daily processing capacity of the cassava peeling machine, the more expensive its cost. Thus, when you want to know the cost of the cassava peeling machine, you can predict according to its daily processing capacity. In Henan Jinrui company, you can diretly order the cassava peeling machine of 1~2t/h, 3~4t/h, 5~6t/h. But, for more large cassava peeling machine, you can send your requirement to Henan Jinrui Company which can customize the cassava peeling machine according to your practical situation.

The manufacturing materials of the cassava peeling machine:

The second factor can be seen as the most crucial factors to affect the cost of cassava peeling machine. The cost of stainless steel has always been higher than the carbon steel since it has been sold in the market. Thus, there is no doubt that the stainless steel cassava peeling machine would be expensive than the carbon steel cassava peeling machine. But fortunately, in order to meet the win-win, Henan Jinrui company and its technology team adopt the combination of the stainless steel and the carbon steel to reduce the cost of the cassava peeling machine and meet the demands of the clients. In other words, the part that touches the raw material cassava is made of stainless steel to ensure the food safety and its long service life.

inner staructure of cassava peeling machineInner staructure of cassava peeling machine

Besides, the cassava peeling machine of Henan Jinrui is used sand rollers to peeling the cassava layers for its good peeling rate up to 95% and cost-effective. Compared with the stainless steel brush cassava peeling machine and plastic brush cassava peeling machine, this type cassava peeling machine is more easy to handle and also maintain. Thus, more cassava flour and garri production manufacturers choose to purchase such cassava peeling machine from Henan Jinrui Company.

All in all, if you have made a decision to purchase the cassava peeling machine, you can trust us to provide you with the most reliable solutions. Single cassava peeling machine or complete cassava flour processing machine are both available. Please leave us a message below and we will contact you within 24 hours.


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