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How much money of potato starch equipment?

Date:Mar 23, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

In the daily product sales process, we often meet customer ask: How much money of potato starch equipment? When facing this question, our saler usually difficult to give you a accurate answer, because a set of potato starch equipment price depend on three reasons: the throughput capacity, size and model.

The following is an analysis of the factors affecting equipment price:

potato starch equipment price

Potato starch equipment production technical process

1. The throughput capacity:

The throughput capacity of the potato starch equipment, that is the amount of raw material(potato,sweet potato,cassava,etc.) processing per hour. Usually this is the first problem that customer thinking, This determines the type of device you choose and the size of the investment.

In terms of the processing capacity of the potato starch equipment, Doing Company generally insists that the processing quantity should not be too small according to the characteristics of potato raw materials and our company years of processing experience.

potato starch equipment price

Potato starch equipment 3D photo

Mainly because of potato processing cycle is short, potato storage resistance is poor, the longer the storage time, the lower the starch content in potato, and in the process of storing, potatoes easily tend to decay and spoil, if clear not timely, badly affect the quality of starch, secondly, starch processing itself value is not very high, if the processing capacity is small, mechanized production has lost its meaning. 0.5-2tons per hour is Micro-starch processing equipment, 2-5tons per hour is Small-starch processing equipment, 5-10tons per hour is Middle-starch processing equipment, more than 10tons per hour is Large-starch processing equipment.

potato starch equipment price

Hydrocyclone is a main equipment in the potato starch production

2. Size:

The size of potato starch equipment, that is the potato starch equipment automaticity control degree. Doing Machinery based on the experience accumulated in the industry for many years, the process of modern potato starch was summarized. The technical process as picture. And we can adjust the equipment size and quantity as your detail requests. Different potato starch equipment size with different price.

potato starch equipment

Centrifugal sieve for potato starch production

3. Model:

Equipment model selection is one of the important factors, different model with different investment, and different starch quality. Potato crushing to powder aimed to extracting the starch, not the crushing powder capacity per hour. If potato starch equipment starch extraction rate are low, the more you crush, the more you lose. So you have to think about the overall performance of the machine rather than just the processing capacity and the price. Different potato starch equipment model influence the starch extraction rate and starch quality. For another, you also need to focus on various factors such as energy consumption of equipment.

Finally, service also a important reason when you select the potato starch equipment, and also need cost. Without good after - sale service, the so-called future normal operation is false.

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