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What is the market prospect of sweet potato processing?

Date:Mar 23, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Sweet potato is one of the main food crop in the world, have been loved by people all the time. Sweet potato is suitable to grow in manycountries and regions. However, many people have been reluctant to grow sweet potatoes for a long time. Because sweet potato difficult to storage long, price is cheap, and after harvest, most of sweet potato are used for fresh food, but it is a pity to be wasted. Farmers often sell their sweet potatoes directly to the market, which is difficult to transport and cheap. In this case, many people have turned their eyes tothe deep processing of sweet potatoes. Following is the market prospect of sweet potato processing.

sweet potato processing

Sweet potato processing applications

1. Large demand of sweet potato starch

Nowadays, just China market demand for sweet potato starch is more than 100 million tons, but its supply is farther less this quantity. With people's diet and the constant change in consumer attitudes, the sweet potato starch requests will be more higher. Due to the wide range of sweet potato starch, low cost of raw materials, large value of processing and development, the market prospect of sweet potato starch processing industry is promising. We supply complete sweet potato starch processing equipments.

sweet potato processing

Sweet potato starch processing process and equiments

2. Sweet potato fans sell well all over the world:

In recent years, there has been a new product of sweet potato in the fans market. It is processing from sweet potato, the price of sweet potatoes is about 0.2 yuan/kg, while a small bag of sweet potato fans can sell for about two or three yuan, the price is a dozen times higher. Processing sweet potato into a fans, not only obtain the high economic benefits, but also solve a series of problems such as the difficulty of sweet potato storage and selling.

sweet potato processing plant

DOING factory supply sweet potato processing machine

3. More widely applications:

Traditional sweet potato planting only 900 yuan a unit of area or so commonly, sweet potato after technology processing such as processed into starch, its value will greatly increase in sweet potato in China based on the comprehensive research and development of the project, at present is still in the primary stage of the sweet potato products mostly stay in dried sweet potato sweet potato fans and sweet potato starch was reported on rough machining, such as, now China's production of sweet potato starch can only supply you with food, the real development more widely.

Above all, sweet potato processing market prospect is good. You can select the processing way as your condition.

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