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What should be paid attention to when setting up a cassava starch processing plant?

Date:Dec 31, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

When setting up a cassava a cassava starch processing plant, there are many factors should be paid attention to, including confirming plant land, ensuring cassava supply, purchasing cassava starch processing machine, building plant, machine installation & debugging.

cassava starch processing plantCassava starch processing plant

1.Confirming the plant land

When setting up a cassava starch processing plant, the first step is to confirm the plant land, you need buy or lease land depends on your processing capacity and the real situations.

2.Ensuring cassava supply

Without stable sufficient cassava raw materials, the cassava starch processing plant cannot operate. You can choose to buy the cassava raw materials from local or plant it by your own according to your requirements. If buy from local, please confirm price,supply time and quantity; if plant it by your own, you should prepare land and arrange to plant cassava depends on local seasons.

3.Purchasing cassava starch processing machine

It’s suggested to purchase cassava starch processing machine from professional manufacturer to customize suitable cassava starch processing solutions and enjoy the complete after-sales services, such as plant layout designing, machine installation& commissioning guidance, etc.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch processing machine

4.Building plant

After getting the plant land & purchasing the cassava starch processing machine, the civil work to build the plant can start at the same time. You can ask the technical team of the machine manufacturer to help design plant building condition drawings, plant layout drawings, equipment basic condition drawings, etc., and then start the basic land construction work with the local civil engineering company.

5.Machine installation & debugging

When the cassava starch processing machine arrives at the seaport, you can discuss machine installation and debugging with the cassava starch processing equipment manufacturer. Once the machine is successfully commissioned, cassava starch can be officially put into production.

cassava starch processing plant is installedCassava starch processing plant is installed

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